If life was a movie


11. Jun. 2008, 5:32

If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be?
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every event, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool…

Opening Credits: Secuencia Inicial.
Well, we’ve got the title right, at least. The thing is that, from the beginning I’m already running from something or someone. As if I’m a fugitive. Cool.
Miro atrás y veo la razón
Nunca fuiste una canción
Te oigo entrar
Deseo darte un nombre nuevo

Waking up: Clampdown.
Very moody, very morning like. It’s that kind of waking up, when life’s a shit and everything is better for everyone else, but still you wake up, ‘cause life’s there to be lived.
Yeah I’m working hard in Harrisburg
Working hard in Petersburg
Working for the clampdown
Working for the clampdown

First day of college: There Is a Number of Small Things
Such a beautiful piece. So innocent and lullaby-like. Feels like my first day at college I’ll be asleep half the time, daydreaming. Not so far from reality, really. But I’d rather have something stronger.

Falling in love: Here, There and Everywhere
I SWEAR I’m on Shuffle. It’s such a wonderful song to fall in love with. It’s actually, prefect, ‘cause it says all the things that people who are falling in love say to each other.
I want her everywhere and if she's beside me
I know I need never care
But to love her is to need her everywhere
Knowing that love is to share

Kiss scene: En el Séptimo Día
Hey, I really imagine that scene, that sort of playful kiss in the middle of a rainy alley, out of the blue, not expected. I like it, very rocker.
Odio este domingo híbrido de siempre,
me da igual, me da igual.
Es un beso en la pantalla del autocine
sin gozar, sin gozar.

Fight Song: Sweet Sahumerio
Well, apparently Mr. Shuffle likes Soda, but this isn’t really a good fight song. It’s boring, actually. I love the lyrics, though. But it wouldn’t make a good fight, or at least a non-autistic one.
Ella juega en el sillón
Esta descalza
Algo sobrenatural
La desplaza

Breaking up: Land: Horses / Land of a Thou
Ehm, apparently I scared off my boyfriend. He couldn’t get away from me fast enough. After he fucked me he ran away. Hm, jerk. Though this song is not really that accurate, at all.
The boy disappeared, Johnny fell on his knees,
started crashing his head against the locker,
started crashing his head against the locker,
started laughing hysterically

Graduating college: Stars Gone Out
Well it’s no surprise. I hated college and the moment I graduated, everything was like getting away from horrible things and people. Life as I know it is ending and I’ll be better off. Though it’s sad. I guess there’s a lot of nostalgia and homesickness rolling around my head. I imagine at the graduation day, when everyone hugs and greets their families, in slow motion, I stand there, alone watching how everyone’s got someone to love, but me.
It's for certain
you can tie me to the mast
goodbye to all the land and lies
and when all the stars have gone out

My big break: I Saw You
Cool, it could be my manager talking to me, saying how much he liked me before we met. He becomes famous and finds me again and I get my big chance, my fifteen minutes of fame.
And I think the girl I was looking for is friends with the girl who plays the cello.

Mental breakdown: Susan’s House
Now that’s creepy. Nothing screams “mental breakdown” more than Eels, doesn’t matter which song. Though this one is truly special.
Take a left down Echo Park
Kid asked do I want some crack
T.V sets are spewing Baywatch
through the windows into black

Driving song: Boogie With Stu
Too hill-billie for me, but it’s not bad. I’m thinking something like this: going down a dusty road, the sun shining on my red truck, windows down and my hair loose. Feels like I’m free and calm, just enjoying the moment.
Been in town, my baby, We just got to rock on
Yeah, darling, we just got to go home
I don't want no tutti-frutti, no lollipop
Come on, baby, just rock, rock, rock.

Flashback: Slowly
I love it for a flashback. I get the image of me, running through the city, fleeing from something, rain pouring down and just me, going far, far away. Then, I hide in an alley, go into a bar with red lights, and get myself a drink. After a while, a tear comes running down my left cheek as I look myself in a mirror. Then a guy comes along and buys me a drink and I dance with him, I let him take me to his place and… stuff. As soon as I can I run away from his place, again. I get to my apartment, close the front door and I slouch onto the floor, my head in my hands and cry for hours.

Getting back together: Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It
Ehm, not too accurate either. It’s apparently of a guy who quit his job after years of abuse. I could mean I got back together with myself.
For years and years he's done nothing but bow down
She sits like a viper and offers the clock
And put up with all their demands
He takes it

Wedding: Suedehead
Now this is interesting, ‘cause it could mean that that day of my wedding a ghost from the past comes to bug me. I could be the guy from the flashback, who became obsessed with me after that night.
Why do you come here?
And why do you hang around?
I'm so sorry
I'm so sorry

Birth of child: Ruby Baby
That’s nice, if you think about the title. The lyrics don’t make a lot of sense, but perhaps it could mean that nobody believed I could actually have a child, and I had one at the end, but I had to make a huge effort for it.
I've got a girl and Ruby is her name
She don't love me but I love her just the same
Ruby, Ruby, how I want you
Like a ghost I'm gonna haunt you,
Ruby, Ruby, when will you be mine, be mine, be mine?

Paying dues: Panic in Detroit
Cool, I make money in a slot machine, but a guy that I know tries to kill me. Karma, I guess.
Having scored a trillion dollars, made a run back home
found him slumped across the table.
A gun and me alone

Moment of triumph: La Canción del Indeciso
I make a lot of money and get famous and all that jazz, but as every weird eccentric rich person I get paranoid and I don’t know what to do with people.
Creí que era hermano
pero siempre desconfié
porque yo soy un indeciso
la verdad es que nunca supe bien que hacer

Final battle: Paralyzed
At the end, when I should fight, when I should get up and do my thing, I can’t. I’ve been through too much and I can’t fight anymore. I’m too old and tired.
These circles pulling me near,
Hold me in my fear.
And sleeping I can't hide,
I'm paralysed inside.

Death scene: What’s In It For Me
It seems I dying and i refuse to do so, because I had a great life and if I die, what will be my reward? I know I have to die, but it’s hard to accept.
I came here for a good time and you're telling me to leave
but you don't have to say it again, I heard you the first time

Funeral scene: Enfilade
I’ll fake my death and someone else will pay my ransom and I’ll runaway with the money. Man, I’m a real ass in this movie. I guess I deserve the pain and horrible things that happen to me. Oh, now I get it, I know why I’m running away at the beginning of the movie.
Then humor me with this request
humor me with this request
in basements we will hide
amnesia in our alibis

End credits: Can’t help loving that man of mine
Now we’re talking. After we get money from the ransom, we run away together and end up living in a beach house with pretty lovely lives. I imagine a sunset at the beach, we’re on a balcony, he comes, takes my hand, we look into each other’s eyes and we smile, we’re about to kiss each other aaaaand CUT.
Oh, fish got to swim, birds got to fly
I got to love one man 'til I die
Can't help loving that man of mine
Maybe he's crazy, maybe he's slow
Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I know
Can't help loving that man of mine


  • peleleman1

    If life was a movie, i would censor it.

    30. Jun. 2008, 1:39
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