• How Do YOU Listen to Music?

    19. Mai. 2010, 13:24

    So, I’ve realized I have specific musical phases.

    It seems I am currently entering a “” phase.

    This phase will include torrenting the band’s entire discography, including those weird EPs that are usually shitty quality, and listening to each of those albums as a whole every few weeks until I’ve completely worn the band out and cannot bare to hear their songs again, or I may just scream.

    I’ve just left an phase, and before that was Portugal. The Man.

    This is a terrible habit that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to break! It’s fun all the way till the end, when I’ve realized I’ve almost ruined a perfectly good band. And it doesn’t help that whenever a friend gets into my car, they’re forced to listen to the same tracks over and over until I’m able to get my fix.

    Poor Cason had to sit through track number three () on ’s new album because it’s my current favorite. He loves that band and is so diggin the new album, but will probably not listen to that certain song for at least a week because of me!

    Don’t get me wrong, Portugal. The Man and are two of my all time favorite bands; even though I could never re-enter one of those phases again. Or at least not until many many months from now…

    Anyway, there’s really nothing I can do to break this habit. It’s just like eating pancakes actually… You always order them, knowing you’re going to have a huuuge stomach ache afterward, but you’ll risk the chance because they’re just SO good. I guess that means is like a big stack of pancakes…?

    PS, I’ve had track number three on repeat the whole time I’ve been typing this. :]