My top 6...bands compared to Galaxie 500


27. Jul. 2006, 12:03

It's sad fact of life that lazy journalists resort to cheap comparisons rather than actually write about the music they're reviewing. It's also a fact that consumers often appreciate an easy reference point.

Tons of bands have Galaxie 500 dropped into their reviews - most are either unworthy or downright wrong. This is a list of bands that I have discovered because I love Galaxie 500...
  1. Tacoma Radar - of the bands in this list Tacoma Radar are probably the one band that the comparison fits very comfortably - the single Pilothouse is an absolute gem and really ought to be in every Galaxie 500 fans collection. The album No One Waved Goodbye is just more of the very lovely same. As a lazy journalist would say..."if you love Galaxie 500 you're going to love Tacoma Radar".
  2. The Clientele like a couple of other artists on this list are here because they have expressed a fondness for Galaxie 500 and therefore given the reviewers an easy paragraph or two. The Clientele are unique and to compare them to anyone is ignoring just how special they really are.
  3. The Zephyrs have released four consistently beautiful and gentle albums - they don't sound too far removed from Galaxie 500 but they have a subtle and quaint sound all of their own. Stargazer is one of the most beautiful tracks you'll ever hear.
  4. Bedhead/The New Year - anything that is slower than indie rock generally is will always be compared to Galaxie 500 - Bedhead are slower than indie rock generally is. They make music that burns and grows and finally fills your head - so did Galaxie 500 so I guess there may be some basis for the comparison. The New Year aren't a different band from Bedhead - they are just an evolution...
  5. Ballboy main man Gordon McIntyre has declared that Galaxie 500 are his favourite band. Ballboy covered Tell Me on an album and they make music with guitars. But there the similarities have to end. Ballboy are funnier, they are more wordy, and more prolific. They are fantastic and they are not like Galaxie 500.
  6. When I first set up the Galaxie 500 mailing list in 1995 Sugar Plant had just released (or were just about to release) their first album Hiding Place and I got stacks of email saying you should hear this band they are so Galaxie 500 - the comparison was spot on but Sugar Plant changed, they drifted from Galaxie 500 towards Spiritualized and established their own unique identity.
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  • gleet

    I should obviously check out Tacoma Radar. I have found so much good music from the g500 mailing list, but I follow so little of it up...

    27. Jul. 2006, 14:18
  • grange85

    Oh you must - I'm guessing they're not around anymore - the album took more than a year to finally hit the streets and I've not heard a peep since. There are a few short realaudio clips on the Andmoresound website and I just found this blog with a track to download (nice to know I'm not the only one still thinking of Tacoma Radar all these years after the album).

    27. Jul. 2006, 14:32
  • DerekSunshine

    I saw on Tacoma Radar on Emusic. It looks like they're available through IODA, so they're probably on other online stores as well - well, stateside at least. The Zephyrs are on eMusic as well and seem to be handled by a couple of different distributors. Yes, it's nice to track down the actual CD (or better still Vinyl) but digital is okay if you can't wait.

    27. Jul. 2006, 15:35
  • visitor_Q

    Very good and accurate list grange, although im having difficulty finding anything by tacoma radar, are they worth tracking down a hardcopy of an album?

    28. Jul. 2006, 22:50
  • grange85

    I adore the Tacoma Radar album so I would definitely say track it down

    3. Aug. 2006, 11:49
  • sing-sing

    Great recomendations... Thanks! I like Galaxie 500 and not heard Tacoma Radar ((

    4. Aug. 2006, 15:16
  • hepiladron

    You like the first Zephyrs album? The second and the third album are among my all time favourites, but i never listen to the first one.

    25. Aug. 2006, 19:13
  • redrimbaud

    Great recommendations for Galaxie 500 fans! Gotta try and look out for Tacoma Radar. I love The Clientele and think the Zephyrs have made pretty consistent albums. Anybody else here heard Starflyer 59? Not quite Galaxie 500, but there are definite echoes in some of the stuff they've done. In particular, The Fashion Focus.

    8. Sep. 2006, 9:13
  • stampit

    Bedhead , the Clientele and the Zephyrs are my favourites.

    8. Okt. 2006, 5:33
  • baltasound

    Nice list and I totally agree with you. Zephyrs were.are well underrated and spot on about Ballboy. I believe the Tacoma Radar album is still available, I got the vinyl ordered through my local shop here in Melbourne, and I'm sure it is in Glasgow at some record shops there. It seems to be via Emusic too.

    2. Nov. 2006, 5:58
  • baltasound

    Incidentally, do you live in Scotland?

    2. Nov. 2006, 5:59
  • grange85

    Nope...born in London, live in London. Lots of Scottish music in my collection though (that's music by Scottish artists rather than [i]Scottish[/i] music!)

    3. Nov. 2006, 14:40
  • hypostatic

    Love, love, love Starflyer 59! Agree that the Fashion Focus is the best, but their last album isn't bad at all. The Bedhead/Galaxie 500 connection is kinda tenuous but I understand why you listed them (Bedhead is on my top 10 list of favorite mid 90s bands). Anyhoo, thx for the recs. I will hunt down this Tacoma Radar.

    7. Nov. 2006, 4:39
  • avalyn2

    I must also check these out, as haven't heard of any of them apart from the Zephyrs. Thanks.

    26. Mai. 2007, 9:15
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