Was playing with playlists and thought I'd find what full-length freeness has. Stuck to 80's drum-machine hip hop for this one, no electro. Tons of stuff I wanted that just ain't on here full-length, but what's here is still Stupid Fresh, yo -- stupid!
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Titel Dauer
1 MantronixGet Stupid Fresh Part 1 3:49
2 Davy DMXOne For The Treble (Vocal Mix) 6:31
3 Cold Crush BrothersThe Bronx 3:26
4 Run-D.M.C.My Adidas 2:25
5 LL Cool JI Can't Live Without My Radio 5:27
6 MC ShanJuice Crew Law 4:26
7 Boogie Down ProductionsSouth Bronx 3:28
8 Levi 167Something Fresh to Swing To 4:01
9 Slick RickThe Ruler's Back 5:39
10 Castle DYo Cas Play It 3:40
11 Biz MarkieNobody Beats the Biz Loved track 5:05
12 Eric B. & RakimI Ain't No Joke 3:52
13 Public EnemyToo Much Posse 2:25
14 Beastie BoysHold It Now, Hit It 3:27


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