03.31.06 Thavius Beck, Bigg Jus, Daedelus and Busdriver @ The Echo


2. Apr. 2006, 2:50

Thavius Beck, Bigg Jus, Daedelus and Busdriver
@ The Echo

This show was a showcase for Mush Records. First up was Thavius Beck who i had never heard of before. he was hunched over his mixing board and sampler and whatever other electronic devices tweaking knobs and stuff. his music kinda part instrumental hiphop part electronica. he usually starts with a loop a few times it was a vocal loop that was jibberish or backwords. Then start dropping other sounds in and let it build. His hi hat usage was influenced by southern hiphop on some songs and one he featured a deep 808. It was good stuff but its a bunch of people watching someone standing over a sampler it would have been better if they could have had some video screen or something to watch while he played. When he finished he put all his gear back into his backpack and stepped off stage. While he was getting packed up various people started walking up to him and ask his questions or just say good job and he was friendly with everyone.

Next up was the reason i went to this concert Bigg Jus (Company Flow). If you had followed Bigg Jus since leaving (and breaking up) Co Flow he has continued to push his brand of advanced hiphop. While Black Mamba Serums had some good songs i'm not feeling his latest Mush release Poor People's Day or his release with Orko the Sycotik Alien as the group NMS on Ninjatune. I just wish he and El-P and Mr. Len were together again but thats not going to happen. He actually did perform Lune TNS and his verse from 8 Steps To Perfection but didnt use the Company Flow beats to these songs. Orko the Sycotik Alien joined him for alot of his performance for some NMS songs. He seemed to be having a good time on stage as he spit his dont let the man hold you down songs over chaotic beats thing.

Next up is Daedelus he played mostly chill electronic music. Again just a guy standing there tweaking knobs. I got bored during his set and started thinking of stuff i wanted to get done the next day. During one part Busdriver walked on stage leaned over to Daedelus grabbed a mic and started rapping over the beat then walked off and Daedelus played a few more songs. I noticed Bigg Jus and Orko were nearby watching him. I was temped to ask Bigg Jus what happened with Co Flow but i figured it wasnt the best time. But i was surprised how the Mush artists were hanging with the crowd and friendly. The Echo is a small club so it invites such intimacy but at most shows an artist does his set then disappears back stage. So Daedelus finishes up.

Busdriver is a talented MC and part of Project Blowed but he is kinda out there. He usually raps really fast and uses his voice alot like pitch and kinda like an instrument. Its not for everybody for sure. One thing i enjoy is his freestyles because he just kinda goes off. His breath control is really good considering how fast and how long he spits.

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  • pithecuspete

    Thanks for the review, good stuff but... did you write this while you were drunk?

    2. Apr. 2006, 23:05
  • goldenticket

    maybe. but what made you ask?

    2. Apr. 2006, 23:12
  • pithecuspete

    oh, just the grammar and general run-on-ness in a few spots. whatever, just made me laugh. seemed like it was written rite when you got home after the show

    3. Apr. 2006, 0:14
  • goldenticket

    oh it was. if i dont do that it wont get done.

    3. Apr. 2006, 0:19
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