Felipe Chalreo, 34, Männlich, Brasilien
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Über mich

My name is Luís Felipe Ramos Chalreo de Oliveira, but I rather be called Felipe. I was born in Brazil, in a city named Niteroí near Rio de Janeiro. I live in Italy since I was twelve. I used to live in Milan, then I moved to Boston for a couple of years, I used live in a little small town, Tramatza (Oristano) in a beautiful island called Sardinia, but now I live in the country-side of Brasil. I love the web. I love computers. I like to travel around the world, even though all I want now is to settle down once for all, but one day I will visit Japan. I adore music, all sort of music, from Bossa Nova to Punk. I don't have a preferred group and you can see that from my play list...

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