Soul Is You, Part II


28. Mär. 2007, 23:18

It's official, I love this Dutch DJ's stuff. Soul is You has a dead aim on funk, and he'll smack your monkey ass down to prove it. Cases in point:

remix aaliyah are you that somebody

st james infirmary

remix missy elliott get ur freak on


  • IsaacHaze

    Gepielewiel? That's nederlands, or, wat de neuk?

    6. Apr. 2007, 21:58
  • gnarlyhotep

    I have no earthly idea what you're talking about.

    18. Apr. 2007, 2:34
  • soulisyou

    It is sort of dutch, It must be an invention from people I know since I checked google and it all goes down to the song!

    18. Apr. 2007, 21:24
  • gnarlyhotep

    So should I amend my post to say something other than Dutch?

    18. Apr. 2007, 22:34
  • soulisyou

    no worries, dutch is perfect The word is used, btw, when you want to explain something to somebody, but it's not really necessary to explain it because you know that the other person already knows what you are going to explain.... anyway, sort of.. the one-on-one translation is something like 'dickwheelin''

    20. Apr. 2007, 20:49
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