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Über mich

Heyy, my name's George and I'm 20 years old. I'm from London, England. I'm currently studying Music Production at HND Level.

I'm into most types of music but mainly rock tbh. Punk, Metal, Rock, Post Hardcore, Alternative etc but I guess you can see that from my profile! Also into a bit of drum and bass, indie, ..heck even blues, 80's, Bob Marley reggae and shit... as long as it's musically good I can normally appreciate it! What I can't appreciate are talentless mass produced Pop/R&B 'artists' that have never written a song or played an instrument in their lives, but get instant fame and glory for being 'popular' with a dance routine, shitty backing track with some auto-tune thrown in for good measure. Real music is what makes the world go round, not 5 minute wonders and xfactor rejects.

Wanna chat then feel free to add me!

I'm also in a punk band called Change Persona...check us out! Free downloads of our stuff on our facebook page!

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