• probably not authorised to talk about such things but...

    12. Jan. 2015, 5:51

    Last night I went along to the Opera House to this fantastic event - Sun 11 Jan – Ben Frost & Tim Hecker.

    Ben Frost appeared and played a gorgeous set of building droney ambiance, notable for how cleanly defined all of the elements of his music was - the Opera House speakers clearly enunciating the space between all of the elements, as if by design. The set inspired an interesting story - a parable of the okayness of modern life. It was a snapshot of both millenia and also fleeting moments, and the idea that they are not that disparate in the long run of shared experience. Often it would focus on a beautiful babbling brook in the morning sunlight, and whilst existing there, a truck would drive by the side road, but just a single truck, disturbing the peace momentarily, altering the perception, probably errantly. That there is nature, and even nature changes with rain, and sunlight and erosion and floods, and there is the industrial growth and interaction which itself is also natural, but not always congruent, and Ben Frosts sets tension was often due to the resigned battle between the two environmental elements. The inevitability that everything will go on, everything will be the same, nothing is predictable and that nothing matters but maybe its just pretty and nice and even the ugly parts are also nice and at least a break from the monotony, and that everything is ok. It was quite amazing.

    Tim Hecker on the other hand told us a few stories. Starting off with his 25 minute opus devoted to accurately imagining the plight of the space ship and commanders journey from Space Cadet, the pinball machine game included in Windows 2000, Heckers minimal multi strobe setup mesmerised and enthralled. Transitioning the audience over lightyears of space and with an amazing sense of adventure and turmoil, Hecker was the captain and steered us ages away from where we began.
    Which was great, because as all the battles, the games and the cute loops of well defined noises cacophonied throughout the Joan Sutherland Theatre, Hecker knew he had whisked us a million miles away, and decided to throw in a track which could well be the sampled grunts of alien lifeforms, or possibly just like a great remix of his dad snoring. Couldnt quite tell, but this is what we get. My friend who I was with rightly pointed out the first half was better than the second for her, and I tend to agree, but a night of thoughts and music that neither of us had ever experienced before will certainly go down as one for the ages.
  • Daedelus was flipping fantastic

    1. Dez. 2011, 6:43

    Fri 25 Nov – Daedelus, Collarbones, galapagoose completely ruled Collarbones are absolutely amazing, Galapagoose a wonderful support, and holy moly - Daedelus rocked the sweatiest room I have been in for ages with a set that made me realised I should get him to play all the time everywhere I go.

    Such a wicked night
  • a couple of things about the Essential Festival 2009

    27. Apr. 2009, 13:07

    Sat 25 Apr – Essential Festival

    The Jezabels have a really awesome sound, and I will totes check them out again.
    Cloud Control are as cute as their singles have suggested they will be, and this bodes very very well for their upcoming album
    DZ have taken over where Death From Above 1979 left off, and are completely awesome, had totally won me over and then finished with the dopest cover of We Like to Party evarrrrr
    Young & Restless used to be the most dangerous band in Australia, but now that DZ hold that title, its nice to see that they havent wavered that far from the formula for thier new stuff. New guy is a bit all trying to make the riffs too complicated, when simplicity was kind of the key. But no hate, just love, especially for showing everyone how a circle pit goes. Thanks Karina.
    Flying Foxes -- every time I listen to one of their songs you think "oooh this is just a song" but as it goes on, it gets nicer and nicer. Same as when they are live. Really jolly good, if you give them a minute.
    Spod was joined on stage by The Orsumators as well as the Orsumettes, and it was the best thing ever. Band included two dudes from Tucker B's as well as the old drummer from Wolfmother, and they managed to not only do killer versions of Cats and Dead and 2131 Ride Wit Me, but finished with the worlds most amazing monosonic song ever... So so so good.

    I went home after that.
  • brief bits on The Kills and Louis XIV at the forum the other eve

    8. Apr. 2009, 4:03

    Wed 1 Apr – The Kills, Louis XIV

    Louis XIV sit in that uncomfortable place between being good and being bland as hell. not good enough for me to like, but slightly more exciting than bland, they impressed my friends, but haddnt won me over by the time all their songs started sounding the same. Totally thought the voice was a girls, but it was actually a bearded dude. Apart from that, they were just ... too safe.

    The Kills were stunning. The insane sexual tension between Hotel n VV, the really really ballsy music, and the classiness of the entire deal - it was stunning. Kaz mentioned that it was probably a bit sad this would be the last time we would get to see them in such a small venue, and I agree. They will keep getting bigger. Such an amazing live show, and I left sooooo satisfied.
  • nowhere near enough words on The Dø and M83

    8. Apr. 2009, 3:52

    Thu 2 Apr – M83, The Dø

    Holy fucking shit The Dø blew away pretty much every other band in the entire world except for probably The Flaming Lips. OK maybe thats a little hyperbolic, but they were amazing, and totally different to what I had expected. I love A Mouthful and had often fantasised about seeing it live, thinking it would be a sleepy, summery affair... Instead, live The Dø are an immense three piece, with as Kaz put it -- a saucy girl who feigns shyness as opposed the other way around, which is incredibly hot.
    But the real winner here were the fans. Virtually all of the songs were spectacularly rearranged, one (but just one) of the highlights being a rousing and rocky version of The Bridge Is Broken which had a wicked electro-rap interlude in the bridge to Queen Dot Kong, and then back again...
    Simply stunning. Their drummer was phenomenal. So was their roadie. The Dø warmed so many cockles i will be amazed if there is a single chilled one left anywhere in the world. The only downside is they didn't play Stay (Just A Little Bit More) but you cant win em all.

    Then M83 came on, and played their kind of epic soundtracky but ultimately unexciting stuff (i think I called them a "lame duck version of Holy Fuck which was probably overly harsh).
    So we left after two songs.
  • a few short sentences about Biffy Clyro's show at the Metro

    27. Mär. 2009, 5:12

    Thu 26 Mar – Biffy Clyro

    My friend Bronwyn was nice enough to hook a brother up with a ticket.

    I had been drinking a beer n a shot for a few hours before hand

    They really are a melding of all of the best things in pop punk - kind of like a smooshing of bloc parties best bits with fall out boys best bits with lots of other best bits of other bands.

    Twas awesome to have a really vocal crowd singing along to every song.

    Their merch was crap.

    Id do that again, and really need to get one of their records now. reccomendations anyone?
  • a few lines regarding the black mountain show

    6. Mär. 2009, 0:37

    Thu 5 Mar – Black Mountain, The Wahas

    The Wahas are very good. The thing about them is they simultaneously think they are better than they are, whilst not knowing just how good they are. Whilst most of the consensus is that they should lose the little androgenous tambourine guy in the hat, as he distracts in a not a good way far more than he contributes (probably, who knows, possibly he writes all the songs or brought them all together, or makes really mean brevilles at rehearsal or something), they were really good. Their haircuts suggested they knew that, their body language did not.

    Black Mountain --- everyone reckoned the sound was up too loud and it drowned out the vox too much. But I don't really. Like, the bassist kept turning his bass up to 11 to the point where it would be wall of feedback for not insignifcant amounts of time, but it kind of added to the sickness that is Black Mountain... Dudes are amazing. Played such a good set, i cant believe they only have one guitar player -- the main dude, Steven McBean or something, and dude can shred. I dont know the name of any of the songs off their latest record, but off Black Mountain they played Druganaut, Heart Of Snow and for the encore, ZOMG No Hits which was close to the best moment of my life to date, and finished with an epic rendition of Don't Run Our Hearts Around. Dudes this gig was totally amazing, and if you ever get to see Black Mountain play, DO IT.
  • 3 Lines on El-P

    2. Mär. 2009, 3:39

    Fri 27 Feb – El-P (Def Jux) Australian Tour

    Scott Burns is really bloody good, but noone gave a shit

    Edseven played some of what I would have, had the promoters taken Bec Paton's advice and decided to book me to replace her, but I would have also played more dark def jux-ey stuff. He was good though.

    El-P i guess i dont like him for his words, but more the way his beats crash violently around my skull. this doesnt get replicated live. shame.
  • just quickly

    2. Mär. 2009, 3:26

    Thu 26 Feb – Tame Impala

    Tame Impala will be the biggest band in the world in 3 years time.

    DX from Brisbane rule, in that kind of garage rock times Holy Fuck kind of way
  • Hottest 100 entry

    7. Jan. 2008, 2:45

    Each year, I think to myself... you know, there havent been that many good songs... yet each year im whittling it down from about a shortlist of 50. Having just completed the process, I will show you what I voted for, and why.

    Young and Restless - Police Police

    My beautiful friends finally got their album out, and despite this possibly being the most disapointing track on the album, its the one their email told me to vote for... So whilst Kapow! but moreso I Pointed at You and You Burst Into Flames work way better in the recorded form, I figured i should do what the Y+R kiddies want...

    Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

    The thought that anything in hip-hop this year would come close to El-P's I'll Sleep When You're Dead was unlikely at best... yet Aesop Rock came correct with a massive beated, full on interesting display of the powerful new direction that Def Jux is taking things. Intense, interesting, musical, funny, real from start to finish, the album is brilliant, and the title-track, first single... well... it gets you in the mood straight away.

    Angus & Julia Stone - The Beast

    Gorgeous folksters Angus & Julia Stone get in my top ten with this track, simply for how lovely it is, but as well how widely picked up it became. Everything from 2ser, fbi, jjj, even 702 middle class talkback played it. And thats a sign of a track that deserves hottest 100 recognition.

    Bjork - Earth Intruders

    Im only putting this in here under the proviso that they mean the Spank Rock remix, which is one of the greatest dance tracks of the year, all big beatey and fun.

    Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill

    Thou Shall Never Question Steven Fry. Most needed novelty track ever.

    Enter Shikari - Sorry You're Not a Winner

    Finally this year my dreams came true. Screamo and Trance AT THE SAME TIME. Hilarious, exhillerating, entertaining. I cant wait to see these guys at the BDO, and Sorry You're Not A Winner is just such an awesome track, sentiment, statement.

    Justice - D.A.N.C.E

    Easily my track of the year. And I mean the original. None of the remixes do anything better - infact most take away from the awesome that this neuvaux-disco classic is.

    SoKo - I'll Kill Her

    Best kiss off song of the year, and also Soko recieves my award for "Crush Of The Year".

    Thurston Moore - The Shape Is In A Trance

    Whoever would have thought that all Thurston has been missing all this time was a violin? Off the years best record, this track serves as a really good reminder about the sound of awesome.

    Urthboy - We Get Around

    When this track came on, it, just like Macromantics - Physical, my car would start bouncing up and down to the funky awesome. Great beats, great pop sensibility, a whole lot of vitriol... Unreal.

    So yeah, Im pretty happy with that, but wouldnt have minded being able to include some more... 10 tracks is still too little.