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14. Dez. 2005, 22:22

The subject has bugger all to do with what I'm going to write, even if I do write about seeing Rufus Wainwright last week as he didn't bloody play Vibrate. Fucker. I don't think I'll bother, even though he was really good, as I don't have much more to say about his live performance than featherboa. Have to confess I didn't much like the Guillemots in support (so much that I'm not going to dignify them with a link) (or maybe I should, as a warning to anyone who wants to know about them). There was something....major-label about them that didn't tally. And they were using a picture that the Tindersticks have already used - they should have more originality. The Sage was pretty impressive though, it afforded an awesome view of Newcastle and its reflection in the Tyne. (Tho the Sage itself is in Gateshead, as everyone knows. Except, it would appear, Rufus. Poor lamb.)

Anyway, this is just a record for myself of what I've liked from the past few days of ipoddysseying. It's been a while, 'cause the last time I started writing this I ended up rushing off to the pub before posting it.
Nice surprises have been:
Bang - I thought I didn't like these guys, but it would appear I do. Hurrah.
Bankrupt on Selling - didn't know they did quiet ones. This is cool.
Barmy This had, like, a tune and a riff and stuff. I was still singing the bass line as I went to teach a tutorial. Never thought that would happen, no matter how many times people-whose-musical-taste-I-admire rave about them and tell me they just write "pop" songs. Grrh. I hate being wrong.
Be Gone - I always forget how much I like this band. They have a mug for sale on their website that says "british tea power". How ace is that.
Ball And Chain - the boyfriend's favourite track on her album, but I've never noticed it being good before. I don't take much notice of what the boyfriend says is good...he likes Kingmaker for fuck's sake.

Things I knew were grate already, but it was good to hear anyway:
Badhead - ah, the sound of being 15.
Banned From the End of the World a!t!p! whoot!
Bar Italia - I only just put different class on the pod. Shameful, I know. How many hail Jarvises do I have to say to repent?
Barney (and me) God, this is all getting a bit britpoptastic isn't it. But this was before *that* song. Giant Steps - a great lost album if ever there was one.
Beautiful. No comment.
Beautiful Cosmos I bought some Ivor Cutler in the hope that it would have some gems as good as this composition of his, but I haven't found one yet. I guess he's like Bob Dylan or New Order - the cover version is always better....

And for balance, things that weren't as good as expected/hoped:Bathtime In Clerkenwell, Be Wild and Beautiful Freak.

And finally, what ballads does it appear I have? One for Cable Hogue, courtesy of Calexico. One for Climie Fisher from Half Man Half Biscuit. One for Helen Keller and Rip van Winkle (as you do) - Moldy Peaches. One for the Lonely Argonaut, by Beulah. And one for the Tindersticks. By themselves. From when they used to be awesome. Sigh.

I've gone on a bit today haven't I. I'd best stop there. Last note: for people following the job application saga, I've now applied to work in Sweden, Amsterdam and Brighton. Next up: the glamorous city of, er, Nottingham.


  • nboldock

    [quote]I guess he's like Bob Dylan or New Order - the cover version is always better....[/quote] I can't believe you said that.

    14. Feb. 2006, 19:46
  • tom_dissonance

    seconded. sorry ;)

    24. Feb. 2006, 10:37
  • gina_t

    have you heard frente's version of bizarre love triangle? jimi hendrix's all along the watchtower? kathryn williams' beautiful cosmos? then what's not to believe -you know i'm right...

    29. Mai. 2006, 17:01
  • tom_dissonance

    i don't really care about Hendrix or Dylan but Ivor Cutler should be delivered only from his mouth

    30. Mai. 2006, 0:08
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