Gebannte Titel

Hopes Die LastThanks for Coming (I Like You Dead) Juni 2012
Papa RoachHollywood Whore September 2011
AbandonHumanity Drowns September 2011
UnearthZombie Autopilot August 2011
I Am Alpha and OmegaIt's Not Love If There Isnt Bloodshed August 2011
FilterDrowning August 2011
Remedy DriveKing of Failures August 2011
UnderoathA Message for Adrienne August 2011
3 Doors DownLet Me Go August 2011
FilterDose August 2011
StutterflyFlames Adorn the Silence August 2011
In Fear and FaithThe Taste of Regret August 2011
Cool Hand LukeWonder Tour August 2011
FilterSand August 2011
Papa RoachShe Loves Me Not August 2011
AbandonPiles of Pigs August 2011
FallstarSaratoga Springs August 2011
Jackson WatersCome Undone (Album Version - No crossfade) August 2011
StorySide:BEverything And More (Connect Set) August 2011
A Static LullabyContagious August 2011
StorySide:BDance To Me (Connect Set) August 2011
StorySide:BOff The Ground (Connect Set) August 2011
The AftersThe Secret Parade August 2011
Papa RoachScars August 2011
Limp BizkitTake a Look Around August 2011
ConfideZeal August 2011
Papa RoachLast Resort August 2011
In Fear and FaithGangsta's Paradise (Coolio Cover) August 2011
Limp BizkitHot Dog August 2011
Papa RoachBroken Home August 2011
RedMentality August 2011
Jackson WatersGive Me Amazing Grace - Original Key w/o Background Vocals August 2011
StorySide:BMiracle (Connect Set) August 2011
For TodayImmanuel (The Challenger) August 2011
Jackson WatersGive Me Amazing Grace - High Key w/o Background Vocals August 2011
CatherineParty On The Interstate August 2011
AbandonIn Reality We Suffer August 2011
StorySide:BIt's Not Over (Connect Set) August 2011
AbelBoogie Nights Juli 2011
Everyday SundayTell Me You'll Be There (Wake Up! Wake Up! Album Version) Juli 2011
Fever FeverWho Asked You? Juli 2011
RuthPolaroid/Roman/Photo Juli 2011
Jackson WatersGive Me Amazing Grace (Album Version - No crossfade) Juli 2011
Miss May IArms Of The Messiah Juli 2011
Jackson WatersGive Me Amazing Grace - Low Key w/o Background Vocals Juli 2011
AbandonSomnambulistic Juli 2011
RedWaddup World Juli 2011
MAEEpilogue Juli 2011
CatherineFallacy Juli 2011
LakesMarine Tales Juli 2011