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  • PeanutBigTop

    ha, that's okay. :'> I think it's terrible personally, but it is TOOOOOOO LATE. I'm here and I'm gonna destroy everything. and oh man, yes. yes, is good music, yes.

    23. Dez., 4:59 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    helloooooo. I haven't talked to you in a while, though I have considered it many times over the past while. but my old compy died on me, and then I went to my grandma's for a little over a month and used the computer there... didn't mess with scrobbling anything, though. I have a comp at home now, though it's even OLDER than my old one, and the graphics card won't agree with my monitor, so the resolution is wrong and things are stretched... :| ah well. hoping to get something else, better, soonish. otherwise I've gotten all kinds of drawn into Mega Man and I've done some bad Paint art and everything, it's silly and also crazy. it's all because of a newer friend of mine, she cursed me. and dragged me into "robot hell", as she calls it. she's a lovely person anyway.

    17. Dez., 0:55 Antworten
  • dissident93

    it would have probably sounded like her other NES works around that time, as she has a style she never really deviated from in her career. and thanks! glad to see somebody appreciate it, lol. wish I could find out more who composed what for it though, but neither SEGA nor MJ's side will talk. (legal issues surround MJ's involvement which is why SEGA hasn't produced a S3&K remaster version yet like they did for Sonic 1, 2, and CD.)

    14. Nov., 22:21 Antworten
  • dissident93

    nah, you're not bothering me lol. anyway, vgmdb and wikipedia are correct here (Fujita did Gemini and Needle Man) I'm the one who edited vgmpf and project2612 saying she did Magnet Man, but that was a typo! I'll go and fix them now.

    13. Nov., 23:39 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    it's more the having to control 2 characters than anything. I just didn't like that at all. Bowser's Inside Story was a lot more interesting and I'd actually give that one a try... maybe. maybe someday. but I dunno if I'd like playing it myself as much as I liked watching someone else play it. and yes. yes. it is so good. I wish Paper Mario could go back to what the first and second games were. Sticker Star seemed really promising at first, but then... well. I don't really like the way the sticker gimmick works, and it's disappointing that there couldn't be an interesting story and new characters/partners/etc. in other news, it's time for meeeeeeeee to finish Shovel Knight. should go smoothly, I've made it past all the things I was really nervous about.

    24. Sep., 0:38 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    I WISH I could get into the Mario and Luigi games. I just do not like how the controls work. it's not fun. I've watched playthroughs of all but Dream Team and I appreciate the characters and music. but playing them? not for me. Superstar Saga was annoying and I gave up pretty quickly. but I still wish I could get into them. I wish I could play the second Paper Mario, it's been years. but I lost the game... sigh. it's really too bad that happened, I love that game a lot. I've got more memories tied to the first, but the second just made everything better. refined game, decent difficulty, paper abilities... and it's just so much fun.

    23. Sep., 7:31 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    well, I did start it the day I left that shout, so about 2 weeks. I took it really slowly, though. Mother 3 will go quicker, I know that much. ha. it's funny because I love the Nintendo 64 quite a lot, but my fave games aren't all that many. I'm thinking of playing Paper Mario after I finish Mother 3. maybe not right after, but it's about time to play it again. mmm yes

    23. Sep., 5:45 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    so I finished EarthBound last night, and started Mother 3 earlier. also been doin' no death run of Shovel Knight because... why not? if I completed the game only dying 6 times, clearly I can do it without dying at all. it's gone really well so far.

    23. Sep., 2:12 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    ha. well, nothing wrong with that. I can burn through Mother 3 too, maybe not quite as quickly, there's a lot more to it. still, a thing I can do. I have patience for those games, but having the patience for like, a Final Fantasy game? no. I probably will never play any more of them. I've had a replay of IV in progress for quite some time. but I'm a little stuck, and it's going to take patience and effort to get unstuck. but I am very lazy and then go like "well, let's play something that's easier" all the time. XD like, do I need to replay the Mother series? no. am I gonna do it anyway? yes. that's how I roll. B) gon start EarthBound later tonight, good times.

    9. Sep., 22:00 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    phew, just finished it. I thought I wouldn't tonight, but meh. decided not to stop when I would have, so I just finished it. not enough left to put it off after that. lol I don't think it sounds all that bad, but I might just be crazy. maybe. >__>;; but no, the music isn't any different. :y

    9. Sep., 5:51 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    LOL well, I dunno. could be worse. maybe it's because of the easy ring item + walkthrough + maps, but I don't have too hard a time. leveling up is tricky, though. that might be the one thing I have trouble doing. I'm playing the translated version on Mother 1+2. and yeah, I'm already at basically endgame. the mountain. Holy Loly Mountain/Mt. Itoi, whichever you wanna call it. I prefer this version of the game because it has the original names of stuff and the original enemy sprites and all that.

    9. Sep., 1:42 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    I actually just didn't wanna play ANYTHING for a long time because I was without internet for several months and had not much else to do, so... video games it was! lots and lots. and I know that feel, replaying is my thing too. picked up Mother, this is only my third time playing the first one. it's a lovely game, and not really as bad as a lot of people like to say it is. maybe it's just me. but I only picked it up the other day, and I'd barely started. but now I'm a bit more than halfway through. if I keep it up, I can totally finish the game on Tuesday, no problem.

    8. Sep., 11:01 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    well, I just finished the game yesterday. B) got all the music sheets and I WIN!!! I actually decided to use a let's play for a guide, since I needed to finish that let's play anyway. very useful, but I felt kinda dumb for not knowing where some of them were too. but I just... had no idea! so whatever. the only other thing I'd like to go for is a no death run, but that'll probably wait. 'cause lazy. and I kinda wanna get back into actually playing other games, there's so many things I started playing and then stopped.

    8. Sep., 1:32 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    well, my controller died and I got a new one just the other day! and so now I am going for ALL the music sheets. it's going pretty decently. I told myself to be prepared for more deaths, 'cause you know, failure is basically always imminent. and I'm clumsy. I actually died after getting both music sheets in the Lich Yard. I am the best at Shovel Knight. B)

    5. Sep., 9:36 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    ha! I just have the game on Steam, and my controller is just a really old Logitech one. I've had it for maybe 4 years now. some time ago, the d-pad stopped working unless you push on it really hard, so I've adjusted to using the left analog stick since. a little obnoxious depending on what I play, since sometimes I might accidentally push up when I don't mean to. it's fine with Shovel Knight, but the controller's stopped working several times recently. just means I finally need a new one.

    26. Aug., 21:23 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    heh... :'> I still got a ways to go, though. I have yet to get all the music sheets, that's the thing I wanna do next. however, I might just wait until I can get a new controller before going for that. yeah, that's why I like playing it again and again. it's like, I'm getting the hang of it, maybe I can try to get more achievements. :y and yeah, I just... I dunno. I did it once because "why the heck not" but I found myself feeling more nervous than usual because dying can mean starting alllllllll over, unless you make it to the first of 2 checkpoints and I just don't like that very much. x__x''

    26. Aug., 5:34 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    welp, 5th playthrough finished. 6 deaths total. I died twice in the Lost City, and completely forgot about it. like, I don't remember how I died or anything. goodness. I can't believe I completely forgot.

    25. Aug., 6:15 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    ha, yeah. not too bad. no real complaints here. also died once in the explodatorium... but whatever. the iron whale went flawlessly, as did the clockwork tower and flying machine. B) B) B) B) B) but the stranded ship got me, and it got me in the same place as it did on new game+. it's that one bit where you bounce on the things that fly to reach a checkpoint but I think that one is gone in new game+. either way, I messed up on the second one and just fell instead of landing on the thing. and then I died once against Polar Knight, I don't know how. either way, this is going even better than new game+ did. lol that went pretty well overall, though. still don't wanna do it again anytime soon.

    25. Aug., 3:05 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    so I'm playing Shovel Knight again, surprise... and boy oh boy, I'm so embarrassed 'cause I died in Pridemoor Keep and not dying there was the one thing I'm supposed to be good at! I just decided to be super clumsy. >: [ oh well, I suppose it could have been worse. at least I had a second no death run of the lich yard. can't complain. XD

    22. Aug., 6:01 Antworten
  • PeanutBigTop

    ha! I dunno about that... maybe just a little. only a little. but having already played 3 times kinda helped. :y my total death count was 17, and so that makes my one personal goal accomplished. :'>

    18. Aug., 9:08 Antworten
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