• Niacin returns to the site of their first Gig

    9. Mär. 2014, 16:09

    The 1 hour set at the Baked Potato, which is about the size of a three bedroom home, was phenomenal. Billy Sheehan was about five feet away, with Dennis Chambers and John Novello tightly squeezed in on the 10' x 10' stage which was at floor level. They ripped through some cuts from thier latest release and demonstrated why they have no peers in this industry. Billy played the Bass to the point of impossibility, while Chambers demonstrated a Jazz/Rock type technique on the skins which very few will ever achieve. Novello was the band leader giving off cues to the ridiculous time changes and stops while playing the Hammond B3 with magical ability. We ate some monster baked potatoes, had a few drinks and picked up a DC drumstick or two. Sweet!
  • Whisky A Go Go's 50th Anniversary NAMM Concert - Uli Jon Roth & Bumblefoot -…

    1. Feb. 2014, 18:26

    Bumblefoot came on at 10 wher he proceeded to execute ridiculous guitar playing techniques while singing his “punk rock” style music. He mostly played this double neck axe with the top neck being fretless. Uli came on with some new guys including a lead singing axe slinger with tremendous skills at each task. They played Catch your train, pictured life and a bunch of old scorps tunes flawlessly even thought they said the drummer learned the songs the night before. The old man is still at the top of his game and executes effortlessly. Uli brought out Thall and Batio for the encore and they ripped through some Jimi and Purple covers. Bumblefoot gave me his GnR/Bumblefoot at the end of the performance. They were about 5 feet in front of me the whole night. The Whisky is one of the most amazing place in L.A. to see an artist and this night was perfect.
  • Red Dragon Cartel @ The Whisky A Go Go 12-12-13

    15. Dez. 2013, 18:54

    We arrived at around 10:45 pm in order to avoid the usually horrible underline bands at these types of gigs and the stage was near ready for Jake and his team. They came on at 11 pm and Jake E Lee was smokin' the whole night. He has not lost a beat. They played some new stuff which was very good, some Badlands and some Ozzy. There is a ton of stuff from this gig on YouTube already. The singer was waaaaay too drunk, so he didn't do a very good job. Hopefully he sounds better on the CD. The drummer was very good and the bass player was competent. Just like Wicked Alliance, you better go see them ASAP or you may never get a taste as Jake has a history of things that just disapear...You do know that he cut the first Holy Diver album, but Ronnie threw it away and hired Vivian for a second try. The Whisky is such a great place for a gig too. Right in your face. Came home with one of Jakes Jim Dunlop picks as well. Awesome Night!
  • Malice at the Whisky a go go

    12. Jul. 2012, 14:06

    Wed 11 Jul – Malice, Heretic, hollowshell, Steelgrave - Malice played a headline show which included the debut of new lead singer James Rivera - ex Helstar, Mick Zane, Jay Reynolds ex-Black N Blue skinsman and the bass player for Agent Orange. It was the first gig in support of their new CD. They played the new songs and a bunch of the old and they ROCKED. The guitar playing was great and Rivera was born for these guys. They said James Neal lives on an Island and said he'd pass on the reformation. The club was full of L.A. Metal Royalty. Saw Jamie St James walking around all night and spoke to Chris Holmes about what he'd been up to. He said he'd been working on a new CD with Philthy Phil, but Phil had to go back to England for medical reasons. He said Malice was better than Wasp, but he also signed Fuck You over Blackies face on someones autograph book. Met Mick Zane at the Merch booth and he was cool. The man with the huge head of hair was bald and kicked the shit out of that axe the whole night. His hands are huge and nobody plays like him, awesome player. Reynolds was great too. Mustaine said he was the worst guitar player ever back when Jay auditioned to replace Chris Poland. He ain't no Friedman, but he is perfect for Malice. He was great too. After missing Helstar for the past 25 years, seeing Rivera was a great surprise gift. He was freakin' great and nailed the old tunes. There was about 100 people there and half were old-school rockers. Ten Bucks to get in and fifteen for the new Cd. It was worth 2 hours of sleep.
  • David Nail @ the Troubador in West Hollywood

    16. Feb. 2012, 15:48

    Wed 15 Feb – David Nail Grammy Showcase - Dave hit the stage at 10:15 pm with a Bass player, Guitar Player, Keyboard player (who looked like he belonged to the Beatles) and a drummer who looked like he was from Creedence Clearwater. He was nervous as hell (his own words) and a smidgen drunk (Jack Daniels bottle in hand), but put on a great show. He played Red Light, Grandpas Farm and Let it Rain along with others in his catalogue. He also broke out some Garth Brooks and some "all the other kids.... pop song. The place was packed and the gig lasted about 1.5 hrs. Grabbed a guitar pick from Dave celebrated the gig with a Jack and Coke. See him if you can. Boy can sing and write a damn good song.
  • Joe Stump & Michael Angelo Batio @ The Whisky a Go Go - 2012 NAMM Showcase

    23. Jan. 2012, 15:39

    Sat 21 Jan – Joe Stump and Michael Angelo Batio Batio hit the stage after 12 pm and played with his band in a box for about 45 minutes. He ripped through Pantera, Zeppelin and Randy Rhodes tributes along with some of his own stuff. He kept letting out these great screams which were funny as hell. He was on top of his game and is a fine player. Stump hit the stage at 1 pm with a drummer and bass player. After warming up with a bunch of Yngwie licks he mostly played Rainbow and Deep Purple covers like Gates of Babylon with some of his own stuff for about an hour. He was great as well and nailed those Blackmore licks. The club was 1/3 full for Batio and about 1/10 for Stump, so we stood right in front of them which was amazing. Uli Roth, T Macalpine and Ritchie Kotzen were playing 2 blocks down the street at the Key Club at the same time, so I can see why there may have been some fans that had to see those guys. I have seen all those guys and had not seen MAB or Stump, so it was great to see them in an empty club. Stump gave me his guitar pick afterwards. Another great night on the strip.
  • GnR(w/Bumblefoot and DJ Ashba) and Steel Panther @ the Fabulous Forum 12-21-11

    22. Dez. 2011, 15:24

    Wed 21 Dec – Guns N' Roses, The Crystal Method, Steel Panther

    Steel Panther played first and were amazing. They were so funny, I was in tears. They are a glam version of the Mentors. Then Guns n Roses came on killed it. They played for over 3 hours. Axl was on time and on his best behavior. Bumblefoot is a freakin' wizard and Ashba is PERFECT for Axl's band (and Sixx AM). The gig was well worth 1 hour of sleep before getting to work the next day.
  • Buckethead at the House of Blues Disneyland - Sat July 16, 2011

    18. Jul. 2011, 21:33

    As usual Buckethead put on a fantastic show which included NunChuk exibitions, robotic dancing, distribution of toys to the crowd and unbelievable guitar playing. The entire crowd was there 2 hours early and endured one of the worst opening acts ever in order to save thier spot for Buckethead. HOB was probably overcrowded and Buckethead took a little longer to start than usual. He also played solo with his "band in a box". Considering there was 1/3 as many people at the last HOB concert he played here 4 or 5 years ago, he has definately increased is notoriety. This was the 8th time I have seen him live and he always lives up to the hype.
  • Mr Big @ HOB Sunset 4-2-11

    4. Apr. 2011, 22:54

    Fantastic Gig. Played some old and new plus some Shyboy at the end. Got me another PG pick too. See them if you can. Billy and Paul are MONSTERS!