Gorillaz @ The O2 – Quite literally embarking for Plastic Beach


16. Nov. 2010, 15:36

[Originally posted @ Nokia Entertainment]

Sunday isn’t the best day to watch a live show for several reasons… mostly due to the looming misery of Monday morning. Couple this with planned engineering work on the only London underground line that serves North Greenwich, and it just nearly becomes too big a chore to bother.

But money is money, so one persists, and hopes things won’t go as bad as one might expect. Which they don’t. In fact, the suspended service does the favour of forcing me out of the tried and trusted O2 commute routine, and I find myself using the Thames Clipper service for the first time ever. An experience so very fitting when attending a show from a band who’s latest album has a nautical theme. So much so that one might even suspect a conspiracy.

Then there’s the case of Sunday syndrome. The idea of an all-out party night holds no appeal. Which plays out well too since the atmosphere of the show is one best enjoyed seated, admiring the work of Jamie Hewlett accompanied by the incredible musicianship of the Gorillaz band and a plethora of guest appearances.

Playing a far more polished set than that of Glastonbury earlier this year – a show I still believe was slated unjustifiably – we get all the expected hits. De La Soul’s support guaranteeing the likes of Feel Good Inc and Superfast Jellyfish (should have been a summer single), Kano and Bashy dropping new rhymes for Del Tha Funkee Homosapien parts on Clint Eastwood, Yukimi Nagano (Little Dragon) on To Binge and the super cool Empire Ants (Little Dragon supported too), Bobby Womack in town again for Stylo and Cloud of Unknowing, and the biggest surprise of the evening comes with the appearance of Neneh Cherry on Kids With Guns.

Mark E. Smith made it in for Glitter Freeze too, but as with Glastonbury, it’s merely white noise when played live. If anyone knows Damon Albarn, please do me a huge favour and tell him to raise the synth in the mix for future performances.

Sadly, there was no Mos Def and no Shaun Ryder; who apparently had better things to do like appearing on “I’m A Celebrity…” Hmmm.

Oh, and no Pirate Jet (Seriously?)… nor did we see any of the proposed technology they were looking into to bring 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel to the stage with the live band.

Though, we did get a special appearance from Daley for a performance of coming single Doncamatic, which is released next week Monday and received it’s video debut today. I’ll admit that when I first heard the track a couple weeks back that I got the impression Daley was a girl! – Sorry dude, but your voice IS all velvety and lush!

ps. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble owned Broken!

pps. Use the Thames Clipper the next time you go to the O2 if you haven’t yet done so.


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