15. Jun. 2009, 22:35

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Guided by Voices -- Hot Freaks from Bee Thousand
Harvey Milk --Merlin is Magic from My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment Of What My Love Could Be
Nomo -- Bumbo from Invisible Cities
Acid King -- Queen of Sickness from Zoroaster
Akron/Family -- Gravelly Mountains Of The Moon from Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free
Social Distortion -- Don't Drag Me Down from White Light White Heat White Trash
Crass -- Where Next Columbus? from Penis Envy
Au Pairs -- Armagh from Playing With a Different Sex
Trixie Smith -- Jack I'm Mellow from Reefer Songs
Weedeater -- For Evans' Sake from God Luck and Good Speed
The Litter -- Codine from Distortions
Lemonade -- Big Weekend from Lemonade
Serge Gainsbourg -- Requiem pour un con from Initials S.G.
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears -- Master Sold My Baby from Tell 'Em What Your Name Is!
Eat Avery's Bones -- Fantasty from Decadent Sluts
Church of Misery -- Born to Raise Hell (Richard Speck) from Houses of the Unholy
some philharmonic orchestras -- also sprach zarathrustra from music from two space spectaculars
felix perez cardozo y su conjunto de arpa y guitarras -- pajaro campana from musica paraguaya
Hanayo -- Sala Sala from Gift
Zion I -- Geek to the Beat from The Takeover
The Grouch & Eligh -- All In (feat. Gift Of Gab & Pigeon John) (ft. gift of gab & pigeon john) from Say G&E!
Quiet Hooves -- Alien Vs. Predator from no mare o' mind
Peter Panic-- transdeformer
Screaming Females -- Skull from Power Move
Sun Ra --Tapestry from an Asteroid
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