A Wilhelm ScreamMe vs. Morrissey in the Pretentiousness Contest (The Ladder Match) Lieblingslied 24
A Wilhelm ScreamJaws 3, People 0 Lieblingslied 28
A Wilhelm ScreamCareer Suicide Lieblingslied 33
A Wilhelm ScreamGet Mad, You Son Of A Bitch Lieblingslied 25
AC/DCNight Prowler Lieblingslied 24
AlexisonfireThe Kennedy Curse Lieblingslied 0
AlexisonfireGet Fighted Lieblingslied 25
Alkaline TrioThis Is Getting Over You Lieblingslied 28
Alkaline TrioFuck You Aurora Lieblingslied 22
Alkaline TrioGood Fucking Bye Lieblingslied 24
AllendaleGo Go Gadget Sad Songs Lieblingslied 18
AnnihilatorCouple Suicide Lieblingslied 32
At the Mercy of InspirationThe Embarrassed Lieblingslied 23
At the Mercy of Inspirationquietly kissing you to sleep Lieblingslied 16
Avenue Roadbe quiet Lieblingslied 22
Ben FoldsBest Imitation of Myself Lieblingslied 12
Ben FoldsRock This Bitch Lieblingslied 25
Ben FoldsBitches Ain't Shit Lieblingslied 20
Ben FoldsThe Bitch Went Nuts Lieblingslied 29
Ben Folds FiveBest Imitation of Myself Lieblingslied 35
Ben Folds FiveSong for the Dumped Lieblingslied 31
Ben Folds FiveOne Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces Lieblingslied 21
Billy TalentWhen I Was a Little Girl Lieblingslied 33
Billy TalentLine & Sinker Lieblingslied 40
Billy TalentPerfect World Lieblingslied 33
Black SabbathChanges Lieblingslied 7
Bowman and the Brokeass RockstarsThe INs and OUTs Lieblingslied 26
Brand NewSeventy Times 7 Lieblingslied 15
BuckcherrySo Far Lieblingslied 25
BuckcherryToo Drunk... Lieblingslied 15
Charlie Brown Gets A ValentineQuit Fucking With Me Lieblingslied 21
Charlie Brown Gets A ValentineFollowing Orders Lieblingslied 21
Charlie Brown Gets A ValentineWet Wednesday Lieblingslied 20
Circle Takes the SquareIn the Nervous Light of Sunday Lieblingslied 14
ClassifiedOh... Canada Lieblingslied 23
CraigA Year Of Happiness And Waiting Lieblingslied 9
CraigHolding Onto Nothing Lieblingslied 12
CraigPain Exceeds Love Lieblingslied 19
CraigThat's What Friends Are For? Lieblingslied 6
Danko JonesMango Kid Lieblingslied 41
Danko JonesMountain Lieblingslied 30
Danko JonesForest for the Trees Lieblingslied 16
Danko JonesYour Tears My Smile Lieblingslied 0
Danko JonesYou Ruin the Day Lieblingslied 36
Danko JonesI Think Bad Thoughts Lieblingslied 24
Danko JonesI Wanna Break Up With You Lieblingslied 26
Danko JonesTonight Is Fine Lieblingslied 34
Danko Jones(I Can't Handle) Moderation Lieblingslied 22
Danko JonesRock 'n' Roll Proletariat (Bonus Track) Lieblingslied 28
dead prezHell Yea Remix Ft. Jay Z Lieblingslied 29