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Über mich

Fuck OFF except you ladys.... if u want to know me, just ask ;D
I loves all types of Deathcore dont you? :D
ohhh but i love girlss wayyy more!
i gota say We Butter The Bread With Butter is my favorite band right now! :DDDD
my favorite qoute is "Whats up America, im about to do something on the internet thats never been done before, check it out............... ima cut my dick off!.. ahhhhh ohhhhhh noooo ggoooodddd fuuuuccckkk noooooo ahhhhhhhh immaa be famous!!!"


yeah i do vocals so what?

yea and if your gona talk shit id prefer you do it in person then on a website you pussies
really people that talk shit to others on the internet are such faggots, if you dont have anything friendly to say then keep your mouth shut, you stupid no friend having nerds

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