• A nice surprise!

    28. Mär. 2011, 0:36

    Sat 26 Mar – The Script

    I'd actually never intended to go to this event, but my friend got free tickets and needed someone to go with so i thought, what the hell? A little apprehensive and only knowing about 2 Script songs i ended up being incredibly surprised!

    Firstly i thought the support act, Clare Maguire was wonderful, and i really hope she makes it somewhere! And secondly, The Script themselves were fantastic; the perfect balance of heartfelt anthems and slowed down songs that make you want to cry, especially when the lead singer is as gorgeous as this one was!

    And lastly, the shows banter was great, the band really got involved with the crowd, telling little anecdotes (i thought the one about drunk dialling was especially good!).

    Overall a surprisingly enjoyable night!
    The Script, Clare Maguire