• a cd i might make

    26. Apr. 2007, 23:58

    I wanna start a compilation swapping group with Bryan. And ask other people to do it too.

    Ideas for a CD, maybe even reasons why:

    Simple X
    The Pelican

    These are the two best songs I have heard from 2007. I am overwrought with excitement over these. I would share them with anyone and everyone because this is the kind of sound that will cause a major explosion if you try to keep it all in yourself. Awesome.


    Both have an otherworldly kind of feel, like reading Charles De Mint or Orson Scott Card. A spiritual never never land. You feel like you are dreaming and
    floating and never ever want to wake up.

    So far, this is a truly indie sounding compilation.

    Thinking of adding some hip hop because I love hip hop, like maybe...

    We Can Get Down
    Holy Calamity

    ...but I wonder if everyone else is interested in hip-hop.

    I love music.
  • Pictures Anyone?

    27. Mär. 2007, 1:16

    Fri 23 Mar – Of Montreal

    Did anyone out there happen to get a good picture of Kevin in his Superman Underroos? I was up in the balcony & only had my cell phone. Got pictures, just no good ones.

    Please someone share with me!
  • top albums (right this moment)

    27. Feb. 2007, 22:32

    Oh No! Oh My!
    Yellow House
    Gulag Orkestar
    Neon Bible
    Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

    I think they are on repeat right now, just these albums. now i need to figure out why, i guess.
  • reflecting my iPod

    19. Dez. 2006, 21:51

    It seems like everytime I get scrobbling, I find some way to mess up my charts. This time, I got an iPod. So for the past two days, it looks like I haven't listened to anything when in all actuality I have been listening to more more more music.

    iScroggler here iCome.

    so I'm not very used to using iTunes. i finally got the iTunes plugin to work.


    iScroggler won't work.

    CDs added to my iPod in order:

    2)Beat Happening


    so I can play my music by order of year released.

    oldest song: You're a Million was released in 1980.


    my computer makes this small electronic bell kind of noise now. i'm sure that is a problem.


    a list of cds in this wallet that i haven't listened to in quite a while. i want to do this to my tapes too. i put it next to my computer... cataloguing. i'm such a beaurocrat.

    Punk Side Story (Its horrible, really)
    RESearch: Incredibly Strange Music Volume 1
    Everything Is Wrong
    SYR 3
    That Dog
    Sound Verite
    Refried Ectoplasm (Switched On Volume 2)
    No Control
    Kettle Whistle
    Dresden Dolls
    Sugar Kane
    theres a lot of stuff i don't recognize too. and a few things i don't want to admit to. and some that are my husbands and i don't and won't claim - like Encore
    Mule Variations
    The Sea and the Bells
    i'm skipping the [artis]sonic youth i have uploaded.
    Drowning In Limbo
    Blue Lines
    Live Lewd Lust
    Worlds Apart
    After Dark
    So Tonight That I Might See

    this could honestly take forever.

    i have to go back up and pick the next album to be on my list.


    now i have to wrap chritmas presents.
    merry christmas.
  • from KEXP.org - vote for your favorites of 2006

    6. Dez. 2006, 20:23

    Vote for your favorite releases of the year!

    It's once again the time of year to vote for your favorite releases of 2006. Beginning at 10am on Friday, December 29th KEXP will countdown the Top 90.3 Albums of 2006, as voted on by you, the listener. You'll have until Tuesday, December 26th to vote for your 5 favorite albums of the year, so vote now because every vote counts.



    My votes:

    Cursive - Happy Hollow
    Band of Horses - Everything All the Time
    J-5 - Feedback
    Cut Copy - The Warning
    Girl Talk - Night Ripper
  • Top 20 Albums - According to Last.fm

    27. Nov. 2006, 16:46

    So I find this list incredibly interesting, simply because neither of my favorite bands (Modest Mouse & Sonic Youth) are represented. This is mainly because I own both on CD and haven't ripped them into the computer (until two days ago, when I put all 10 albums of Modest Mouse on my computer.. I'm getting everything ready for the iPod I am getting for Christmas).

    My "top album" was a complete shock to me... I don't think it would be in my top 50 of all time... maybe the top 100, but pretty low down there. I really enjoyed the album when it first came out and would listen to it a lot, but it doesn't have the replay value of some of the other albums from 2005, like BSS and CYHSY.

    So, here is the list as of 11/27/06. After the last.fm rating, I have put in parenthesis what I would rate these 20 CDs if I had to...

    1 (15). Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
    2 (2). Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It in People
    3 (3). The National - Alligator
    4 (6). Mirah - Advisory Committee
    5 (14). ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
    6 (4). Cloud Cult - Advice for the Happy Hippopotamus
    7 (11). Okkervil River - Black Sheep Boy
    8 (7). Girl Talk - Night Ripper
    9 (1). Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    10 (9). The Postal Service - Give Up
    11 (8). Wolf Parade - Apologies to Queen Mary
    12 (12). Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
    13 (20). The Moldy Peaches - The Moldy Peaches
    14 (17). The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I
    15 (16). Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Show Your Bones
    16 (18). Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
    17 (13). Lali Puna - Scary World Theory
    18 (19). The Mountain Goats - Full Force Galesburg
    19 (10). Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene
    20 (5). Band of Horses - Everything All the Time
  • HELP: I need info on The Bravery

    4. Nov. 2006, 21:08

    I went and saw Broken Social Scene last night. Life changing kind of concert... beautiful in everyway... well, except one. I expected there to be 16 people on stage all the time, and I wanted to see how they would all fix and mix together, but at most there were 10. I don't think that all 16 even came on tour. Not that it effected the music. I am not sure what the opening song was, but the second was 7/4 Shoreline and they ended(ish) with Its All Gonna Break - I say -ish because they did a hippie jam band thing afterthat where they just played random instruments together for a while. 2 hours of BSS is good for me.

    The opening band was Do Make Say Think and although I really liked them in the beginning, near the end they started putting me to sleep.

    Anyway, while I was there, the Camel people came around - you know the ones who photograph your driver's license and then give you free cigarettes? Well, of course I always sign up. This time they didn't give out 2 packs, but instead a pack and a free concert ticket for The Bravery and Radio 4. I know Radio 4... but The Bravery? Am I mistaken in thinking this is some kind of radio-indie stuff? Does anyone want to give me a yea or nay on this? Should I get a CD? Help!

    21. Sep. 2006, 12:55

    So I was complaining of computer problems in a last email... well... then... they moved my office this week and my old school plug in for WMP didn't come with me. i can't figure out anything that will work to get last.fm on this computer. i have tried the player, but i guess i'm behind a proxy server and i don't know how to find out about it. the old school plug in gives weird error messages. i'm stuck.

    so, damn. all the charts will be from what i listen to at home, which is hardly anything because my husband & i don't agree on music... to play Hot Chip I have to give in and listen to Tool or (god forbid it and protect me) Sublime.

    so if my charts now are heavy with frat rock rap-metal stuff, you will know why.
  • In Honor of My Birthday - 30 Years of Music

    18. Sep. 2006, 14:24

    1976 (Was Born)

    Tom Waits - Small Change (1976)
    Blondie – Blondie (1976)
    Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood Mac (1976)


    Iggy Pop – Lust for Life (1977)
    The Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bullocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols (1977)
    David Bowie – Low (1977)


    Siouxsie and the Banshees – The Scream (1978)
    Crass – The Feeding of 5000 (1978)
    Dire Straits – Dire Straits (1978)

    1979 (Started Going to Kindergarten)

    The B52’s – The B52’s (1979)
    The Clash - London Calling (1979)
    The Cure – Three Imaginary Boys (1979)


    The Cure - Boys Don't Cry (1980)
    Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (1980)
    Christopher Cross - Christopher Cross (1980) – My first concert that I can remember


    Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust Inc. (1981)
    Ramones - Pleasant Dreams (1981)
    The Exploited - Punks Not Dead (1981)

    1982 (Started First Grade)

    Crass - Christ the Album (1982)
    Bauhaus - The Sky's Gone Out (1982)
    Misfits - Walk Among Us (1982)
    Subhumans - The Day the Country Died (1982)
    The Clash - Combat Rock (1982) - The first 7-inch I remember having was "Rock the Casbah"


    The Raincoats - Kitchen Tapes (1983)
    Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes (1983)
    Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal Tendencies (1983)
    The Police – Synchronicity (1983) – The first tape that I picked out and purchased


    Minor Threat – Out of Step (1984)
    The Cure - Japanese Whispers (1984)
    Madonna – Like a Virgin (1984)


    Beat Happening - Beat Happening (1985)
    The Dead Milkmen - Big Lizard In My Backyard (1985)
    Tom Waits – Rain Dogs (1985)


    The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead (1986)
    Coil - Horse Rotorvator (1986)
    Sonic Youth - EVOL (1986)

    1987 (Started Middle School)

    Sonic Youth - Sister (1987)
    Pixies - Come On Pilgrim EP (1987)
    Dead Kennedys - Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death (1987)


    Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation (1988)
    Pixies - Surfer Rosa (1988)
    Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking (1988)
    Bad Religion - Suffer (1988)
    Beat Happening - Jamboree (1988)


    Bad Religion - No Control (1989)
    They Might Be Giants - Lincoln (1989)
    The Cure – Disintegration (1989)
    Pixies – Doolittle (1989)

    1990 (Started High School)

    Fugazi - 13 Songs (1990)
    Operation Ivy - Energy (1990)
    Pump Up the Volume Movie Soundtrack (1990)
    Sonic Youth – Goo (1990) – My first SY album, and my very first CD.


    Jawbreaker - Bivouac (1991)
    Screeching Weasel - My Brain Hurts (1991)
    Cranes - Wings of Joy (1991)
    Descendents - Somery (1991)


    NOFX - White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean (1992)
    The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde (1992)
    Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine (1992)


    The Queers - Love Songs for the Retarded (1993)
    A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders (1993)
    Digable Planets - Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space) (1993)

    1994 (Started College)

    Propagandhi - How to Clean Everything (1994)
    The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Orange (1994)
    Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (1994)
    Blatz /Filth - The Shit Split (1994)


    Tricky - Maxinquaye (1995)
    Jawbreaker - Dear You (1995)
    Radiohead - The Bends (1995)
    Björk - Post (1995)
    Lagwagon - Hoss (1995)


    Make Up - Destination: Love Live! At Cold Rice (1996)
    Tricky - Pre-Millennium Tension (1996)
    Modest Mouse - This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About (1996)


    Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West (1997)
    Suburbia Movie Soundtrack (1997)
    Blonde Redhead - Fake Can Be Just As Good (1997)
    Björk - Homogenic (1997)

    1998 (Started Grad School)

    Cap'n Jazz - Analphabetapolothology (1998)
    DJ Cam - The Beat Assassinated (1998)
    Reverend Horton Heat - Space Heater (1998)
    Hot Water Music - Fuel for the Hate Game (1998)


    Moby - Play (1999)
    Handsome Boy Modeling School - So...How's Your Girl? (1999)
    Sideways Soul: Dub Narcotic Sound System Meets The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (1999)


    Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica (2000)
    N. Y. C. Underground Party, Vol. 3 (2000)
    Alkaline Trio - Alkaline Trio (2000)
    OutKast - Stankonia (2000)


    Mirah - Advisory Committee (2001)
    Radiohead – Kid A (2001)
    The National – The National (2001)

    2002 (Met My Husband)

    Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People (2002)
    The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (2002)
    Alkaline Trio /Hot Water Music - Split CD (2002)


    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever To Tell (2003)
    TV on the Radio - Young Liars EP (2003)
    The Postal Service - Give Up (2003)

    2004 (Got Married)
    The Garden State Soundtrack (2004)
    The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls (2004)
    Le Tigre – This Island (2004)
    The Roots – Tipping Point (2004) – Only CD we had on our honeymoon

    2005 (Got a Real Job)
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (2005)
    The National - Alligator (2005)
    Sufjan Stevens - Illinois (2005)
    Okkervil River - Black Sheep Boy (2005)
    Wolf Parade - Apologies for Queen Mary (2005)

    2006 (Turned 30)

    Best Years for My Music: 1988 & 2005

    Worse Year for My Music: 2004 - Not because bad music came out or anything like that (I still haven't heard The Funeral yet), but I was trying to listen to my husband's music & plan a wedding. Didn't have much time to investigate new music.
  • What I Am Currently Listening To

    7. Sep. 2006, 15:11

    So here's the deal... my computer at work has a CD player (of course), but it is very temperamental. I can't take the CD out to change it ever or the computer will no longer recognize the drive. Most people would get upset. I did in the beginning, but then I came up with a solution.

    When I am at home, I write as many CDs that I can to one disc, and then I bring it in to work. Normally this approximates the 7 hours of music that I need to get through the work day. I figured when I changed CDs, I could list what I am currently listening to and then maybe go back and write reviews.

    So here we go:

    Written on 9/6/06

    Broken Social Scene - s/t
    Girl Talk - Night Ripper
    Grandaddy - Sumday
    Islands - Return to the Sea
    Jurassic 5 - Feedback
    M. Ward - End of Anmesia
    Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
    The Black Keys - Chulahoma
    The National - The National

    Written on 7/28/06

    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - s/t
    It is hard (soemtimes) to decide which album I like better, this or Alligator (see below). The have completely different feels about them, but the bands toured together for the first year of their careers, so they have certainly influenced each other's music. The first thing I heard by CYHSP was a live album, Black Sessions, recorded in Paris in Jan 2006. The second thing was their KVRX performance. When I went to see them at Bonarroo, there were songs I knew that the rest of the crowd didn't, and then others I had no idea about - like "Clap Your Hands," the opening track on this album. So I decided to get this. I prefer their live stuff, honestly, but this album is a gem. Hit my top 10 of all time list quickly, and I don't think it will drop. Rating: 10/10

    The National - Alligator
    I heard about this band from one of my best friends who has great taste in music. A seven peice band - You'd think it would be pure chaos. But this album is so masterful and well developed. Each time I listen, there is something new to hear - a new lyric, a new guitar part. It keeps me interested. I get the songs stuck in my head all the time, and instead of getting upset about it, I run to hear the song to make the song stay there. Rating: 10/10

    Band of Horses - Everything All the Time
    I heard about this band from the sister of one of the members of the band. We were both members of a political group, and I drove her to a meeting. After listening to BSS together, she reccommended this. Honestly, I had to listen to this album a bizillion times before I got it. You can't just have this in the background. You have to buy special headphones and concentrate on it. The lyrics are repetitive, but that just makes it more sing-along-able. I can't wait to see them 9/16. Rating: 8/10

    My Morning Jacket - Z
    I succumbed to the hype. It was worth it. Rating: 8/10

    Cloud Cult - Advice from the Happy Hippopotamous
    I don't really understand why this isn't brought up more in last.fm circles. I found out about this gorup after reading the KEXP dj's top 10 lists for 2005. It was on most of them. It is not an easy listen. I'd compare it to reading Thomas Pynchon or William Burroughs. That being said, it is sooo original and catchy that I find myself entranced. But it was hard to get into orginally. Rating: 7/10

    Moldy Peaches - s/t
    Immature. Fun for 3 songs but not a whole album (with something like 20 tracks, for God's sake, stop!). Rating: 5/10

    Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere
    I love Cee-Lo. I loved the song "Crazy" when it came on the radio, and I ran out and got this album hoping that the rest would be the same. Honestly, it's not. It was thrown together with no continuity. I get lost. And then I quit. Rating: 4/10

    The Unicorns - Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone
    Everyone loves the Unicorns, or so I heard, so I got this album. I got a headache. Rating: 3/10

    Ghostland Observatory - Papparazi Lightning
    This is another band I found out about from KEXP. I guess I was expecting something else, like more rap. Whatever. Rating: 2/10