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Über mich

No matter whether you classify yourself as a surfer, skater, or snow shredder – there’s no doubt you move to a different beat. Over the last few years, the style, attitude, and creativity that make these sports unique have been lost amongst the gentrification and corporate acceptance. We love these sports and want to support the riders who know what’s really going on. That’s why we created the Footy Contest Series <> The footyCS is the world’s premier footage contest. The footyCS holds weekly, monthly, and seasonal footage contests for the sports that we love. Anyone can upload their footage and anyone can vote for the videos that they think are hot. The winners will get hooked up with gear that will help push their riding and filming to the next level. The weekly and monthly contests winners will be determined solely by the online community. The seasonal contest will be determined by online voting and a live event. The top ten seasonal videos (as voted by the online community) will be aired at the footyCS final and the winners determined by crowd participation and a panel of judges. Additionally, we will be placing select participants who are killing it in their video parts in invitation only events. Blow up in the footyCS and get hooked up.