• Ben Folds in Houston

    27. Okt. 2008, 7:14

    Fri 24 Oct – Ben Folds, Missy Higgins
    1. Way to Normal
    2. Brainwascht
    3. Effington
    4. You Don't Know Me (ft Missy Higgins)
    5. Annie Waits
    6. Lovesick Diagnostician
    7. Dr. Yang
    8. Cologne
    9. Hiroshima
    10. You to Thank
    11. The Frown Song
    12. Kylie from Connecticut
    13. Landed
    14. Free Coffee
    15. Free Coffee Town
    16. The Bitch Went Nuts
    17. Zak and Sara
    18. The Bitch Went Nutz
    -------- encore ----------
    19. Long Tall Texan
    20. Kate
    21. Still Fighting It
    22. A Cowboy Needs (improvised)
    23. Fair
    24. Where's Summer B.?
    -------- solo ------------
    25. Jane
    26. Jackson Cannery
    27. Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (holy fuck)
    28. Alice Childress
    ------- band back -------
    29. Philosophy -> Inc. Misirilou
    30. On My Saddle (improvised)
    31. The Frowne Song (Feeble Anthem)
    -------2nd encore ------
    32. One Angry Dwarf

    fun facts:
    the audience sucked for the first half of the show. they talked all throughout his set.
    - in fact, Kylie was supposed to be recorded for iTunes, but according to Ben, "y'all won't be immortalized on iTunes because the audience was too fucking loud." Cry.
    - ben was trying to give back story to Bitch Went Nutz and had to start the story over 4 times because douche bags kept interrupting.
    - there were quite a few yells for RtB and BAS. :-(
    - ben shooed the band all of the stage after Summer B. that seemed unexpected to them, which i later found out to be true. as the encore was supposed to consist of Jesusland, Rockin' the Suburbs, Army, Not the Same, etc. soooooooo glad he strayed.
    - some guy next to me yelled Jane, so ben played it. this prompted him to have requests yelled. i knew i wasn't going to be heard, so i raised my hand and ben came to the edge of the stage near me. still couldn't hear me, so he jumped down and stuck his ear in my face. i, of course, used this opportunity to request Girl! he sort of shook his head and got back up on stage. i think he was trying to remember the song because he decided to play Jackson Cannery first. chills... oh, Girl. he didn't get through the whole thing cause he forgot the rest, but it was enough for me. got a good giggle out of the audience too. i got it on video.

    my personal favorite part of this story has yet to come though.
    after the show, i talked to sam for a while. jared was missing.
    then... ben came out! i wasn't expecting that with such a long set, but there he was. when he saw me, he said, "hey, you! i know you! *gives me a hug* you're mel, right?" ummm... yeah! that was fucking awesome. we spent a time talking about voting and some other random things i was too giddy to store in my memory.

    oh, ben folds. you kick all kinds of ass, sir.
  • top albums

    11. Jul. 2008, 6:16

    foldsisgod's top albums
    1. Big Bang Boom - Snoozie (541)
    2. Eisley - Room Noises (358)
    3. The Dresden Dolls - Yes, Virginia... (285)
    4. Ben Folds Five - Whatever and Ever Amen (269)
    5. Ben Folds - Songs For Silverman (236)
    6. The Rapture - Pieces Of The People We Love (231)
    7. The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls (230)
    8. Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin (217)
    9. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Broom (215)
    10. The Fratellis - Costello Music (201)
    11. Ben Folds Five - Ben Folds Five (201)
    12. Ben Folds Five - The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner (197)
    13. Immaculate Machine - Fables (196)
    14. M.I.A. - Kala (195)
    15. Hotel Lights - Hotel Lights (195)
    16. The Polyphonic Spree - Together We're Heavy (193)
    17. Cloud Cult - The Meaning of 8 (192)
    18. Bitter:Sweet - The Mating Game (190)
    19. Imogen Heap - Speak for Yourself (190)
    20. The Postal Service - Give Up (184)
    21. The Cinematics - A Strange Education (176)
    22. Midlake - The Trials Of Van Occupanther (162)
    23. Eef Barzelay - Lose Big (159)
    24. Architecture in Helsinki - In Case We Die (159)
    25. Jem - Finally Woken (154)
    26. Stars - Set Yourself on Fire (151)
    27. Mute Math - Mute Math (141)
    28. Frou Frou - Details (138)
    29. M.I.A. - Arular (134)
    30. Andrew Bird - Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs (132)
    31. of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? (131)
    32. Ben Folds - Ben Folds Live (124)
    33. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois (122)
    34. Band of Horses - Everything All the Time (120)
    35. Ben Folds - Rockin' The Suburbs (117)
    36. International Orange - Spoon Box (114)
    37. The Shins - Wincing the Night Away (114)
    38. Thirteen Senses - The Invitation (113)
    39. of Montreal - The Sunlandic Twins (112)
    40. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular (111)
    41. Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News (111)
    42. Rilo Kiley - Under The Blacklight (111)
    43. Ben Lee - Awake Is The New Sleep (109)
    44. Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism (106)
    45. Band of Horses - Cease to Begin (97)
    46. Imogen Heap - I Megaphone (96)
    47. The Magic Numbers - Those The Brokes (96)
    48. The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour (95)
    49. Oh No! Oh My! - Oh No! Oh My! (94)
    50. of Montreal - Satanic Panic in the Attic (93)

    top albums script
  • Ben Folds at the Centenary Gold Dome

    5. Apr. 2008, 16:28

    Fri 4 Apr – Ben Folds, Eef Barzelay

    Ben Folds

    i was indeed there. i'll take this brief moment to give you people the set list and a few snippets. as it's 4 AM, i'm not promising much coherency though. here it goes...

    my friend, jaime, and i arrived and sat down in the line that already consisted of 3 young girls. a few of the workers from the venue were standing outside talking to them. they're talking about how many times they've seen Ben. for most of the girls, this will be their second. i said, in an off handed way, "twice? that's it? pssh.. this is 8 for me." one of the workers looks over at me and says, "what's your name?" me: melissa lamb. him: i recognize you from facebook. awesome! then, the girl sitting next to me in line asks if i have a lastfm. she recognizes me from there. (i think i've been hanging out with weiner too long) anyway, i tell them that i've seen him 8 times and i drove 12 hours one time. the worker just hands me something that appears to be a laminated flier. i inquired as to what it was. he turns it over for me and i read that i have just won a backstage meet and greet with Ben. well, that was unexpected, but fantastical.

    anyway, eef was fantastic, as always. he mentioned that he had a few 'advanced copies' of his cd Lose Big for sale at the merch table. unfortunately, i had no cash and the merch table closed early. booo! i want that cd!!

    Ben came out. he must've been in a cursing mood. he replaced quite a few lyrics with curse words.
    set list:
    Errant Dog ft. tambo man
    Landed ft. tambo man
    You To Thank
    Free Coffee - extended solo at the end
    Hiroshima - replace 'oh my god' with 'oh my fucking god'
    Still Fighting It
    Effington ft. tambo man - replace 'start a new life...' with 'get a tambourine and play it'
    Losing Lisa
    Zak and Sara
    Philosophy -> Inc. Misirlou
    - SOLO -
    The Luckiest
    - Back With Band -
    Bitches Ain't Shit - extended jam
    Freebird jam session
    Hava Nagila (out of nowhere, loved it)
    Rockin' the Suburbs
    Improv - Ben started playing some sort of flowy solo. he looked at sam halfway through and commented how shitty it was. started saying how some people make good money playing piano like that, but they're actually good at it. then, he tentatively nicknamed the song, "Flowing Waters of Shit Creek"
    Underground - replace 'get down' with 'shit yeah' - i was the only one in the audience who yelled, "who the fuck are you?" apparently, people had never heard it because it got a lot of laughs. then, Jared stared right at me and gave me the finger. Grin i just gave him the 'what, i had to!' face.
    - Encore -
    Annie Waits

    a few more notes--
    - at one point, at the back of the audience, they got a chant going. half the people would yell BEN, while the other half followed with FOLDS. Ben couldn't figure out what they were saying, so he went into a short little diddy much like the RTB in Berlin (at least i think it was berlin, you know what i'm talking about...). a few songs later, he says, "i really wanna know what they were yelling." so, he walks to the front of the stage, kneels down right in front of lindsey and i and asks us. he finally understands and says, "hey, that's me!" ha. so, the crowd starts chanting again and Ben promptly adds in the word 'Sucks.'
    - the album is for sure coming out in September. he said it with mass amounts of confidence.
    - some proposed titles made up by Ben on the spot were "No Jacket Required", "Duets", and "Kiss My Fucking Ass."

    that's about all i've got for you children. i did have to watch the encore from backstage in order to meet Ben after. it took him forever to come around and take a picture with the group of us. apparently, he found a basketball and wouldn't stop playing. one of the workers had to steal the ball from him. lol so, he came around, took a few group pictures. got a single picture with him. it's very myspacey, as i took the picture. turned out pretty well. i'll get the e-mail with the group picture tomorrow.
    Ben did stick around after the show. he was headed straight to the bus, but saw a few fans still waiting, so he veered and made the effort to meet them/take pictures/give autographs. so, yay for that! i didn't get a chance to really talk to him though. :-/ i was gonna ask about whether he's going to possibly be touring with Kweller or AP, since the album releases are in sync. shucks! didn't even get to see Sam and Jared. they were already in the bus when i came out from backstage.

    all in all, it was a fantastic show. Ben was in great spirits. probably the happiest i've seen him. ever.
  • top 25

    1. Apr. 2008, 3:29

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    The Dresden Dolls. probably Coin-Operated Boy

    What is your favorite album by 2?
    Snuzz. must you ask this?! One Piece Band, i guess...

    What is your favorite lyric that 1 has sung?
    Ben Folds. "But I send my best cause God knows you've seen my worst. All is fair in love."

    How many times have you seen 11 live?
    Stars. zero. :-(

    What is your favorite song by 7?

    What is a good memory you have involving 20?
    Hotel Lights and Avril Lavigne. i have no memories involving HL, but there are too many to name with Avril. tons of sing-a-longs with friends.

    Is there a song by 3 that makes you sad?
    Ben Folds Five. yes. Magic. it's made me cry multiple times. damn you, darren jessee!

    What is your favorite lyric that 14 has sung?
    Rilo Kiley. "Her good looks coulda sailed a ship
    But her will alone coulda sunk it."

    What is your favourite song by 19?
    Big Bang Boom. Brothers.

    How did you first get into 22?
    The Smashing Pumpkins. listening to the rock radio station as a kid in the early 90s.

    What was the first song you heard by 21?

    What is your favorite song by 4?
    The Polyphonic Spree. Section 19 (when the fool becomes a king)

    What is a good memory you have involving 13?
    Kevin Devine. having him ask the audience what they wanted to hear. me raising my hand and telling him three separate songs to choose from. ... he played all 3 for me. :-D

    Is there a song by 23 that makes you sad?
    Chuck Folds Five/Modest Mouse/Elliott Smith.
    that's a yes for Elliott and a no for the others.

    What is your favorite album of 15?
    Cloud Cult. The Meaning of 8

    What is your favorite lyric that 9 has sung?
    Imogen Heap. "give in and relish every moment of it"

    What is your favorite song by 8?
    Ben Lee. Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

    How many times have you seen 5 live?
    Eisley. zero. this makes me a very, very sad girl.

    What is your favorite album by 12?
    Sufjan Stevens. Illinois.

    What is a good memory you have involving 25?

    What was the first song you heard by 18?
    Placebo. Every You Every Me.

    What is your favorite song by 17?
    Andrew Bird. A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left.

    What is your favorite album by 24?

    How many times have you seen number 10 live?
    The Shins. zero. :-(

    When did you start listening to number 15?
    Cloud Cult. not really sure.

    How many of your top 25 have you seen live?
    two of the groups are impossible to see (Ben Folds Five and Elliott Smith) so, out of the eligible 23, i've seen 10. Ben Folds, Snuzz, The Polyphonic Spree, Architecture in Helsinki, Ben Lee, Imogen Heap, Kevin Devine, The Rapture, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Chuck Folds Five.
  • bootleg available of the concert!

    25. Dez. 2007, 17:18

    Wed 19 Dec – Ben Folds

    umm... holy shit. this recording is amazing. fantastic quality.
    the files just finished downloading for me. i transferred them from .flac format to mp3. bundled the mp3s in a zip file. attached with the zip file is a text file of the setlist since they aren't named properly. ENJOY!



    p.s.-> i know Bastard is missing. it wouldn't transfer from .flac to mp3 for me for some reason. so, i gave up on it.
  • Ben Lee and Cary Brothers!

    7. Dez. 2007, 6:43

    Tue 4 Dec – Ben Lee, Cary Brothers

    he's quite cute in person with his aussie accent.

    so, this past Tuesday, i skipped by night class to head to nola with jaime to see Cary Brothers and Ben Lee at The Parish. 'twas good times.
    Cary Brothers... great live. i wasn't too familiar with his music coming into the show. i recognized a few songs though. most notably, he ended on Blue Eyes. :-D that song makes me wish i had blue eyes so that i could pretend he was singing to me.

    after Cary Brothers left the stage, jaime and i made our way to the very front where there was an obnoxiously drunk girl swaying with her eyes closed to no music. this was not so good. Mr Lee came on stage at last. he put on a stellar performance full of ballads spanning his whole discography. after playing quite a few songs, he decided that he didn't want to leave the stage and come back for an encore. instead, he was simply going to turn his back to the audience and have us go crazy until he felt like turning back around for a few more songs. when he turned back around, he jumped into Catch My Disease. he changed the words up a bit. it was rather funny because part of the original lyrics state "they play Good Charlotte on the radio". Good Charlotte was playing at the house of blues downstairs. he changed one of the other bands to say "they play The Dresden Dolls on the radio", which isn't entirely true, but it was good to hear that he knows who they are. :-) i guess Mr Folds has been talking to him. shortly after Catch My Disease, he brought out every musician who had previously been on the stage that night. they had a jam session to Surrender, which is a cover of a Cheap Trick song. that was deliciousness. after 'ending' the set, he decided to run into the audience with his guitar. stood on a table in the middle of the room and sang a solo acoustic performance of We're All In This Together. it was a very intimate sing-a-long. When this was finished, he ran over to the merch table to meet the fans. jaime and i stood in line to get out picture taken with him. i talked to him a bit about Folds, since Lee had been playing in Nashville just 2 days before. i asked him if they had hung out while he was there. told him that i'm going to see him in Nashville in just a few weeks. he agreed with my speculation of Folds playing new music at the gig in TN. he also confirmed that Folds is currently in the studio, which makes me inexplicably happy. :-D


    setlist: (not in order, mind you)
    Catch My Disease
    Gamble Everything for Love
    Into the Dark
    No Right Angles
    The Debt Collectors
    We’re All in This Together
    Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart (Against Me! cover)
    I Wish I Was Him
    Running with Scissors
    Love Me Like the World is Ending
    Deep Talk in the Shallow End
    American Television
    Is This How Love’s Supposed to Feel?
    What Would Jay-Z Do?
    Sex Without Love
    Just Say Yes
    as well as a cover with Cary Brothers of Cheap Trick's 'Surrender'
  • Architecture in Helsinki!

    17. Nov. 2007, 5:53

    Thu 15 Nov – Architecture in Helsinki

    i was apprehensive about going at first because i usually don't have much fun at gigs by myself, but... holy shit.

    got into NOLA at 8:30, just in time to catch some of the opener, Glass Candy. they were very dancey, but all their songs just started to blend together. they finished up around 9:00. Architecture took the stage at 9:30 or so. they put on a fantastic show. i'm not much of a fan of their new cd, but after seeing them live, i have to. i feel like the choice of liking that particular album has been taken from me. because live, the album kicks ass. danced up a fucking storm with some crazy kids. their setlist was Places Like This heavy, but like i said, it was awesome. i did get to hear It'5!, which is my favorite. :-D on the downside, they were supposed to come out for an encore, but the audience apparently wasn't up for it. nobody was chanting or continuously clapping, people actually started leaving immediately, so they never came back out. sucky cause i was looking forward to hearing Wishbone. :-/

    tentative setlist: (i'm missing a few)
    One Heavy February
    Red Turned White
    Nothing's Wrong
    Hold Music
    Like it or not
    frenchy, i'm faking
    the same old innocence
    Do the whirlwind
    heart it races

    pictures can be found here:
  • Kweller!

    17. Aug. 2007, 0:52

    Wed 15 Aug – Ben Kweller, Tim Fite

    went to see Ben Kweller tonight. it was so delicious.

    walk on me
    family tree
    i need you back
    my apartment
    i don't know why
    make it up
    how it should be (sha sha)
    living life
    in other words
    on my way
    fight (a new song to be recorded for his next album) (i wish my camera hadn't died. i should've gotten this on video)
    the rules
    red eye
    (encore) penny on the train track

    * video

    the show was phenomenal. the only downfalls... my camera ran out of batteries halfway through that video of Lizzy. so, i didn't get many pictures. also, it was an all ages show. :-(
    and, the opener was 'interesting' to say the least. Kweller didn't make an appearance after the performance. :-(
    so, i've seen Folds twice and Kweller once now and i have still yet to meet a Ben. but, my time will come... at least it better! :-D
  • Rasputina

    31. Jul. 2007, 0:25

    Sun 29 Jul – Rasputina, Brightest Diamond

    went to see Rasputina by myself last night.
    it was a ... unique experience. there were some of the odd sort out.
    the concert was great though.
    2 cellos and a drum set.
    yum yum.



  • top 10 survey

    21. Jun. 2007, 6:39

    Top ten artists, (1) first song you heard, (2) song that made you keep listening (or "fall in love"), (3) current favorite.

    Ben Folds
    1 Rockin' the Suburbs
    2 Rockin' the Suburbs
    3 Not the Same

    1 One Piece Band
    2 One Piece Band
    3 Eddie and I Hate Work

    Ben Folds Five
    1 One Angry Dwarf...
    2 Song for the Dumped
    3 Magic

    The Dresden Dolls
    1 Coin-Operated Boy
    2 Girl Anachronism
    3 Half Jack and Sex Changes

    Imogen Heap
    1 Headlock
    2 Headlock
    3 The Walk

    Andrew Bird
    1 Sovay
    2 Nervous Tic Motion...
    3 Masterfade

    1 Your Ex-Lover is Dead
    2 Your Ex-Lover is Dead
    3 He Lied About Death

    The Shins
    1 Caring is Creepy
    2 New Slang
    3 Sea Legs

    Sufjan Stevens
    1 Concerning the UFO Sighting...
    2 Jacksonville
    3 Chicago

    1 Creep
    2 Creep
    3 My Iron Lung (but really ALL of The Bends)