Music for the Independence Day Fireworks


4. Jul. 2006, 14:40

We went to the big local fireworks last night; for some reason they were on the 3rd instead of the 4th of July. The sponsors were all the same, except for the radio station "partner" that broadcasts the music to go along with the display. It had changed from the to a station, so my wife and I were wondering if the music selection may have changed.

It was pretty much the same. Early on they used Stars and Stripes Forever, God Bless the USA; and parts of two somewhat unpatriotic rock songs they always seem to include, Pink Houses and Born in the USA. I suspect that the company that shoots the fireworks off likes to show off their pink colour.

During America, I noted to my wife that they seemed to be using the same music as past years. I mentioned that Living in America would come soon, she countered with the end of An American Trilogy, the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" section. I was sure of The Star Spangled Banner. Sure enough, the three songs appeared, in that order, with a few others thrown in. Rodeo was a nice addition, although I suppose that most people recognized it as the music from the "Beef - It's What for Dinner" adverts. In America was predictable, as was John Wayne reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The medley of military service songs was nice; I didn't recognize one, which I'm guessing was for the Coast Guard.

The only real difference I noticed with the change of radio stations from rock to country, was that they didn't include Star Spangled Banner, and did include some jingoistic country thing which I think was Courtesy Of The Red White and Blue.

Everything was OK, up until the finale. I guess they think that the end of the 1812 Overture fits fireworks, with all the bells and cannons. Don't get me wrong, I love the overture; I grew up with the Mercury Living Presence recording on vinyl, with Deems Taylor's narration on the second side. The problem is, that I'm familiar enough with it to know that it was written to commemorate the victory of Russia over Napoleon and France, and that the music theme at the big finale is a Russian patriotic hymn. I just don't find it appropriate for American Independence Day fireworks; not in the past when they've used it and not this year as well.


  • tobleedice

    Perhaps, but I'd still say that the overture is more appropriate than that particular Toby Keith song ;x

    19. Jan. 2007, 20:18
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