An epic quest: the search for a new music player


11. Jul. 2010, 20:58

I recently left Windows XP in favor of Linux Mint 9. Since WinAmp is obviously a Windows media player, I'm now on an epic quest to find a new mediaplayer. For the time being I use Rythmbox, but I hope I can find something that suits me better.
(In the comment the sory continues.)


  • fmMRR

    I now use Exaile, which behaves more the way I like it. It has a better overview over the playlist and allows you to look back to tracks you played. Rhythmbox had the annoying tendency to remove played tracks from the list. Also, library management works lovely with the Ex Falso plugin. It's basicly another program, but I have Exaile set up to open Ex Falso when you click 'Properties' to edit a number of tracks. Now, Ex falso is an independent program, so it cannot influence my decision for a music player. I finally got MPD working and there is a wide variety of frontends. Big plus for MPD is that it's lighter. I'll keep Exaile on my computer in any case. MPD has worked and not worked, so I'm a little wary. Aside that, I don't want to place new music in my library immediately. (Nor keep creating symlinks for incoming music.)

    11. Jul. 2010, 21:28
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