Va Va Voom


9. Apr. 2012, 17:57


so it’s been Easter weekend and that means I had a lot of free time, but still I need to write this post quickly (as I am just about to leave for the weekly quiz evening).

Last week in covers:

> Yiruma : Welcome to my library, Yiruma. I found him via youtube, where one of his lovely piano instrumental tracks was used in the background. I instantly felt like trying some more songs.
> RMB : I was just curious about their one album (“Widescreen”), because one of my friends was mentioning it very positively. And though I recognized some of the singles that were minor hits here in the 1990s, I was not really impressed.
> One Direction : Erm... well, they’ve been on SNL recently. And yes, I wanted to know what their (second?) album was like. Now I can say, it’s really not my kind of music. (I even dare to doubt they like all their songs themselves.) ^^
> Lee MacDougall : Remember when I was totally blown away by his live qualities (I guess it was in January). Well, I kind of forgot to check on his albums again in some time.
> Ed Stockham : I won’t lie. It felt really good to listen to his music back home when we were reading or playing games. Also the video for “Traffic” made me like the song more.


Most played artists:
> Roxette : oy, it’s so obvious that I’m about to become addicted to this band once more. They have so many great tunes that make me want to sing along. It’s just lovely. ^^
> Nicki Minaj : for me it is hard to see her as a hip hop artist, because she provided some amazing pop tunes (or at least her producers did). Anyway, I think she can both - rap and sing. And I like that she dares to ignore genre boundaries. Needless to say that I’m quite into her new album.
> Sebastian Wurth : I can’t help but revisit his tracks to find out how much of his “talent” gets highlighted. Tbh there are only a few good tracks, but I’m sure with the right management he could go international. (Not that I care that much about it.)

Most played tracks: (there is just one)
> Va Va Voom : That’s one of the bonus tracks of her album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” and I think it’s really good. Of course, it’s kind of cheesy pop, but as I wrote before, I like her pop tunes as much as her raps.

Tbh I did not find anything relevant, besides that Justin Bieber did a video shout for “Boyfriend” - fans will be happy. I still don’t like that song.
Oh, and Darren Hayes made tickets available for his upcoming UK tour. Guess who used that as a chance to travel again? :-D

German charts:
[1] So Olly Murs is now number 1 with “Heart Skips A Beat” - congratulations.
[2] Easy : a German hip hop song. But quite catchy and it’s supported by a great video.
[3] Tage wie diese : I’m surprised how soft the song is (reminds me a bit of U2). I just listened to it once, but I liked the lyrics - so I guess I will listen to it again.


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