16. Jan. 2012, 21:26


welcome back to a shortly written

Last week in (a few) covers:

> Alanis Morissette : I re-visited some classic hits - hence the “Collection” cover.
> Annie Lennox : her album “Bare” is still growing on me.


Most played artists:
> Alexander Marcus : Ooh, how should I explain. By coincidence we had a talk about this artist. Then I thought I should check out some of his songs. That’s how it happened.
> Elton John : Well, that is just because of my need for more ballads - so much for an explanation.
> Air : oh, I re-visited “Moon Safari” which is an amazing album. You should definitely give it a try.

Most played tracks: (I did not have a particular track on heavy rotation)
> a random mellow Bryan Adams track : for sleepy times
> a random Elton John ballad : for sleepy times
> random Pet Shop Boys tunes : for sleepy times

News? Just one thing - let’s look at yesterday’s “Golden Globe” Awards - especially the song category. We had Elton John, Chris Cornell, Mary J. Blige and Glenn Close and Madonna competing. That’s a nice mix.
I was very surprised that Madonna won, mostly because her song (title reference) is barely known. So I hope it will be included on her new album. :-)


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