-- and even the score a better bassline does not exist- apologies for the shite live quality a to z alec- death favours the what you wish truly an all-time shining star and fuck you for existing in the first place- what was i thinking and i love it and my stomach feels small and people wonder where puscifer inspiration came from as if etc been listen to george c lately- oh yes behind prison doors bjork jazz lovliness to be experienced by all but death in vegas greets you with a smile but not what i expected but the next time but tis the best we can do with them now can we can cling to those dreams anymore compliation- 13 indeed cut away dance dance dance--- to the radio denial: realization- one of the best running tracks ever- start slowly destiny unfolded dig in search of china white dis you wanted to see this dm- thank you for the backwards base doeas teh mind rule the body dont give a good goddamn down the line john mayell feel the multi-level burn free- now i am good grief indeed happy is a mediocre existance hello hello black flag slip it in-black coffee rip-off rant hint-- i like radiohead much better holy fuck-not the band- punkrocklegendry how dare you come back to me i could change the blue skies to blue- etta- if i only had you i think you are perfect together- so fuck you i want to see this in a david lynch film someday i watched it slip away i wish you well i- i will be king in this colony increase the tensity in your brain is found in its not like you kepp on draining keep on killing when i had the chance laud the unkle lincoln logs in me sock drawer looooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee maybe hank something premised by a slight predilection towards sweetness maybe never mind you mu-ur my furious nervousness- thank you for taking my hand nice nice ministry rip-off track niko- question mark no one likes a liar note the irony of tagging this track note to self- decent radiohead rip-off nought without replete would be now at last i know what a fool ive been oh yes- keep talkin one of the most brilliant bands ever take it to the bank one of the most brilliant songs ever written or performed only accepting fresh brine or at least david lynch hints at pe prime please remind priceless advice pure awesome moistboyzzzz quake i ftw radio transmission say hello to the rugs typography scratch my palms sheer melancholic perfection so help me- i will --- bang --- and you will start-whisper take a piece the facade the hardest mile the lost highway tells me so theres no reason--- truth in advert vast- free we are all a bunch of sycophants we let the when we were lovers whiney-- but ok right now will you--- promise me yes yes -subsequent pause- you you still have no idea you supernaut your own little piece of- get it get it get it