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Tegan and SaraGoodbye, Goodbye Lieblingslied 14. Dez., 17:56
Tegan and SaraAnd Darling (This Thing That Breaks My Heart) 14. Dez., 17:54
Tegan and SaraMore For Me Lieblingslied 14. Dez., 17:51
Dead Eyes OpenedPolar 14. Dez., 17:47
Tegan and SaraAre You Ten Years Ago 14. Dez., 17:44
Tegan and SaraI Can't Take It Lieblingslied 14. Dez., 17:39
Tegan and SaraThe Cure 14. Dez., 17:36
Tegan and SaraMore For Me Lieblingslied 14. Dez., 15:42
Tegan and SaraHow Come You Don't Want Me Lieblingslied 14. Dez., 15:39
Tegan and SaraDrove Me Wild Lieblingslied 14. Dez., 15:35
Tegan and SaraCome On Lieblingslied 14. Dez., 15:31
Florence + the MachineStrangeness and Charm 14. Dez., 13:15
James BluntBonfire Heart 14. Dez., 13:11
GenesisMama 14. Dez., 13:04
World Is StaticCloser Now kostenloser Download 14. Dez., 13:00
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Über mich

I like tea and biscuits, trance and eurodance mixes of 80s songs, and living in Edinburgh. I love getting to play with blow torches and hammers. I have a habit of listening to artists and songs that I like on repeat for days on end. Sue me :) CloudScrob is my scrobbler of choice from my iPhone, although it also does the weird thing of grouping all 15 listenings of one song together on import.... :/ Thus the uploads are indicative of the music I listen to a lot but not necessarily the order!

Everyone should take a moment to listen to everything ever produced by Kristin Hersh. I am in love.

Outside of that, I administrate students, and spend a lot of time thinking about House, Lady Gaga, and permutations thereof.

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