Laurie Martyr, Kanada
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GorillazDirty Harry 2. Jan., 21:12
GorillazWhite Light 2. Jan., 21:10
GorillazFeel Good Inc. (Album Crossfade) 2. Jan., 21:06
GorillazDirty Harry 2. Jan., 21:03
GorillazWhite Light 2. Jan., 21:00
GorillazFeel Good Inc. (Album Crossfade) 2. Jan., 20:57
Les Négresses VertesLes Yeux De Ton Pere 2. Jan., 20:51
James Newton HowardI Want You 2. Jan., 20:49
Kevin KlineLa Mer 2. Jan., 20:45
Tino RossiC'Est Trop Beau 2. Jan., 20:42
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Über mich

I have a drumset and play drums

I have a bass guitar and don't play bass but wish that i did

I think that live performances will ALWAYS be better then listening to anything over electronics

I love string bass <333333 so dearly

I buy and utilize records because, yes, i am old school

i have never downloaded music, but i do borrow and upload CD's from the library (my own personalized piracy method)

I cannot spell, but use big words

I act like a child, but am more mature than my parents.

Hello everyone

I think people are beautiful only when i know their true colours.. ya that sums it up

oh also i laugh ALOT