dive bar jukebox


21. Dez. 2008, 0:51

Its about midnight, six or seven drinks in, and I'm begging money from an assortment of friends and well wishers at this hole in the wall. "You've had enough," they tell me, which is rather condescending coming from someone who's been drinking whiskey and beer all night. "Just one more song" I plead, trying to swipe the bartender's tip on the table. "You can listen to music when you get home," they tell me. They just don't know the siren song of the bar jukebox. The one there was a fancy newfangled digital affair, where they take your money, then you choose from a digital library. They download your song onto the jukebox, and voila. As a jukebox purist, when we first came into the bar, I sneered at this usurper, tsk tsking at the garish animated ad on the screen. A few drinks in though, bored with the conversation at the table, I decided to check out their collection. My skepticism melted away as I saw that they had uncensored Slick Rick, Grandmaster Flash and...heaven of heavens, 5 Otis Redding Albums, followed by Sam and Dave, and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. I slid in the dollar and then I was hooked. Although I prefer the old vinyl jukeboxes, having a huge collection of music to choose from is tempting.

Here is my list of the songs I would like to hear played over the jukebox at my favorite bar:

The Message
Walking on My Grave
Raspberry Beret
Los Angeles
Search and Destroy
Bastards of Young
Sex Machine
Spinning Ceiling
Jack The Ripper (for Courtney)
Out of Gas
Try a Little Tenderness
Why Don't You Lie

Whats your jukebox playlist look like?


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