• What happens when you actually listen?

    28. Nov. 2006, 10:17

    I am not an audiophile. I do not have 2000euro speakers or an overly expensive amp to pamper my ears with. But, if I think I hear something that I do not like in the recording or mastering, then I get annoyed.

    There are actually three albums / songs that caught my attention the last two weeks. Yes, I did actually (illegally?) download these albums from somewhere in the internet. I do like to listen before I buy. And although there is the off-chance that the original CD will sound "much better", these three albums are ones that I won't be ordering.

    Incubus - 2006 - Light Grenades (Album)
    Where to begin..
    Did they actually listen to "Quicksand" before releasing it? Artistic effects may be nice, but to me the voice sounds like an EAX sound card gone wrong.
    Nonetheless, that is just a minor squabble when compared to how much I dislike "Anna Molly". Although the song may actually be amazing, I find compression highly disturbing. I want to hear the instruments, the music, and not a loud noise curtain.

    Meat Loaf - 2006 - The Monster is Loose (Song)
    Is it just my "copy", or does the master volume really go down at 0:30 into the song? Every time I listen to the song I keep on wondering if that was intentional mastered into the song. Until 1:24 that is, when, to my ears, the entire mixing goes down the drain with a weird "reversed sound" that sounds like my first semester audio experiments.

    Damien Rice - 2006 - 9 Crimes (Song)
    I really like the lyrics, the music and the entire song. What I don't like is when you have the two voices, the cello (?) and piano in the room all at once (at around 2:30). The way the two voices (and string instrument) are mixed together just doesn't work for me.

    No, I could not have produced the albums any better, and yes probably these are problems that are in my head, speakers or computer. But hey, I know when I hear something that I don't like.