• Not Bad for a Thursday

    7. Sep. 2012, 15:10

    Thu 6 Sep – Icon Of Coil

    Been a while since we've been to a show at this venue. In fact, the last show we went to was when it was still Jaxx (indeed, when I tried to check in on one of my social apps, "Jaxx" is still findable but "Empire" isn't yet). At any rate, the name's changed but little about the venue has.

    Was a mostly decent lineup.

    First band (forgot their name, already) was kinda dreadful. They kind of looked like Severus Snape had decided to try his hand as a lead singer for an electro band. By itself, this wouldn't have been bad. Unfortunately, their musical performance was dischordant (not in the good, intentional way) and the lead singer was extremely flat. Was happy that theirs was a short set.

    Second band, Ego Likeness, were solid. Then again, they pretty much always are. They played a mix of old and new in a shortish set.

    Third band was ok. Musically solid if a bit unengaging. It was probably good placement putting them between Ego Likeness and Icon as there wasn't any chance they were going to upstage Icon.

    Icon was short a member - apparently problems with the Canadian version of ICE or whatever. So, it was another one of those "two guys an a MacBook" performances that seem to typify the genre. Even so, they put on a lively act and were fairly engaged with the audience. Hopefully, their immigration issues will be sorted by the time they get to Philadelphia and that crowd will be lucky enough to see the full act.
  • Hootenany at the Post

    18. Okt. 2010, 23:15

    Sun 17 Oct – The Halloween Hootenanny

    Gates opened way too early - far earlier than guests started showing up in any number and earlier than many of the "exhibits".

    Alice Cooper put on his usual good show. He's amazing for being nearly as old as my dad would be, this year.

    Zombie was excellent as usual. I can only wonder what he thinks of the lameness of DC crowds, though. I mean, pit was full but almost no one was dancing. Everyone was too busy watching the damned show through the viewfinders of their cell phones and digicams and not wanting to be bumped. About the only action from the crowd was when Zombie launched a fusilade of balls out into the crowd. People busily bogarted them all - then stood there, in the pit, taking up three people's worth of space so that they could greedily hold on to their hard-won souveniers.

    While the bands were excellent, as is more and more usual around DC, the crowds sucked. It's embarrassing with the 50+ year old codgers are rocking harder than the camera-obsessed twenty-somethings.
  • Good Music, Bad Venue

    23. Aug. 2010, 12:41

    Sun 22 Aug – Animalia Tour

    So many times I go to industrial shows, after listening to a band (or bands) on Last.FM, I find myself rather disappointed by what I see when I get there. There's so many "2 guys and their MacBook Pro" acts out there. Both Android Lust and MKIO are notable exceptions. They're full bands that put on a good performance.

    The only thing that made this show less enjoyable than it could otherwise have been was the sound quality. The sound at Fur nightclub is EXTREMELY harsh. They need to put it some kind of sound attentuation panels. As it was, the midranges were completely obliterated by the cymbals and snares. I'd, at first, thought that MKIO's sound guy had screwed up, but, fortunately, it afflicted both groups, so I knew it was venue and not band.

    Good show. Hope I can see either or both bands under more ideal sound conditions. Well worth the price of admission.
  • Concrete Blonde @ 930 Club (6/15/10)

    22. Jun. 2010, 18:11

    Tue 15 Jun – Concrete Blonde: 20 Years of Bloodletting

    This was a pretty decent show. I'd been a big Concrete Blonde fan back when they were touring in the early 90s. Hadn't seen them since they'd played in DC in, like, 1994 (or thereabouts). Hadn't realized that the reason I hadn't seen them was that they'd broken up (several times) and retired.

    I kinda figured this was going to be another one of those "we're touring because we're broke" things that a LOT of old indie/punk/etc. bands have been reconstituting to do the past several years. Surprisingly, this didn't feel that way. It was like seeing them way back when. Granted, they look older (a LOT older) and they've stripped their sound back down. But it was still a damned good show.

    About the only complaint I might have had was that they didn't play "Darkening of the Light". That's more a complaint on behalf of my wife, however. She's a Goth and that song was hers, and many of her Goth friends' introduction and primary familiarity with Concrete Blonde. If they'd have played that, I might not have had to listen to the whining about its absence. ;)

    Still, WELL worth the price of admission. They seemed like they wanted to be there, not like they *needed* to be there.