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1. Apr. 2007, 10:12

Some tags are self-explanatory, others need a word or two. Dive in.

electronic: music produced or altered by electronic means. Expect Thom Yorke, Aphex Twin & Rösykopp.

homosexual intifada: welcome to a very special Raspberry Reich. Stuff for the queer elite and their straight admirers. Expect Siouxsie and the Banshees, Futon & Daniel Wang.

maschinenmusik: beats seasoned with Germanic bits. Expect Zoot Woman, Tarwater & Feadz.

achingly intelligent : music far away from any charts. No Beyonce, no Arcade Fire. Expect dictaphone, Phantom/Ghost & Schlammpeitziger.

sommer: songs for unforgettable summer days. Expect Richard Davis, Placebo & International Pony.

minimal: the stuff with the cute clicks and planar structures. Expect Bruno Sanfilippo, Ritchie Hawtin & Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb.

we love the 80s: an exhilarating fusion of songs from back then - and their contemporary counterparts. Expect Yazoo, Tom Tom Club & Robots in Disguise.

le kiff: a soundtrack for long evenings with your bong. Expect Ekkehard Ehlers, Arve Henriksen & Pan•American.

makes me bounce: … any body part, really. It's not all electronic, though. Expect Benjamin Wild, Ricardo Villalobos & Faithless.

66: the soundtrack for extensive driving. Expect Ronny Jordan, Maximilian Hecker & Talking Heads.

klickklack: minimal with a German twist, once again. Expect Dominik Eulberg, Kollektiv Turmstrasse & Dapayk & Padberg.

andrzej: music for a cool friend of mine in Hamburg. Expect Michael Nyman, The Conet Project & Ludovico Einaudi.

minipark: music for a friend of mine in Berlin. Expect Feist, Luomo & The Field.

dorschenanner: a Hessian expression perfectly reflecting this happy melange. Expect Britta Porter, Kit Clayton & Frankie Patella.

ambient: it doesn’t get much more tranquil. Expect Sigur Rós, Explosions in the Sky & Autechre.

absolute classics: stuff you’ll have heard before – and if you haven’t, you’ll fall for it at once. Expect Joy Division, First Choice & Prince.

sexy sexy : music with a certain something. Expect Bangkok Impact, Shakedown & Metro Area.

chef-martin : music for a good friend of mine in Bangkok. Expect Audion, Grungerman & Peaches.

sickening soundtrack : songs and sounds from all the screens. Expect Thomas Bangalter, Giorgio Moroder & Angelo Badalamenti.

scoogee: music for a friend of mine in Karlsruhe. Expect Swayzak, DJ Koze & Roisin Murphy.

soundscape : for some serious snoozing. Or some smooth work. Expect Loscil, Steve Reich & lectronice.

missmoonlight : music for a sexy friend of mine in Berlin. Expect Angus & Julia Stone, Razorlight & Nine Inch Nails.

ruhepuls : music for a friend in Berlin. Expect Kreidler, Xiu Xiu & Isan.

kompakt : tracks and artists connected to one of the planet’s finest electronic labels. Expect Michael Mayer, Jonas Bering & Mikkel Metal.

cindus: for my best friend from Bochum, unfortunately unplugged. Expect Jochen Distelmeyer, Fünf Sterne Deluxe & 2raumwohnung.

party : in case you’re too dense to do it by yourself. Expect Whirlpool Productions, Michael Jackson & Franz Ferdinand.

vicious disco: disco rebranded to fit this millennium. Expect Loleatta Holloway, Grace Jones & Musique.

minimal techno : Expect Plastikman, Alex Smoke & John Tejada.

highly underrated: artists we all should be listening more to. Expect Nathan Kowald, Decoder Ring & Zvukbroda.

liebe: music for hearts, even broken ones. Expect Element of Crime, Roy Orbison & Damien Rice.

house: Expect Daft Punk, Eric Prydz & Roger Sanchez.

chic channel: catwalk candy! Expect Blue Six, Moodyman & Pecheur.

minipark: chill: heavily droning music for a hip friend of mine in Berlin. Expect William Basinski, Vatnajökull & French Teen Idol.

chillout: for those blue hours. Expect Zero 7, Massive Attack & St Germain.

nur jens: for Jens only. Expect Efterklang, Flowers From the Man Who Shot Your Cousin & Ben Folds.

julestunez: music I learned to love, thanks to my cool friend. Expect Eels, Lady Gaga & DeVotchKa.

dj9: Stuff I love to play when I play. Expect Madonna, Robyn & Etienne de Crécy.

microhouse: one of my favorite pigeonholes. Expect Ekkohaus, Akufen & Matthew Dear.

punk funk: righteyo. Expect !!!, Gang of Four & Shitdisco.

french: all things sung, written or produced by those assiduous people. Expect Air, Yann Tiersen & Jacques Brel.

schnubbel: Snow white hours. Expect Miskate, Efdemin & Chakachas.

club: 50 cents here, a buck there. Expect Bob Sinclair, David Guetta & Fatboy Slim.

let’s assume you understand the concept of irony: … don’t tune in if you don’t. Expect Hildegard Knef, Vanity 6 & Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

durty: …mind, body and beats. Expect Cirez D, Safety Scissors & Wighnomy Brothers.

berlin: a lengthy, intense set dedicated to one treasured city. Expect Ellen Allien, Modeselektor & Peer.

michael mayer: stuff connected to, reminiscent of, mixed by and honoring this minimal maniac. Expect Karri O., Farben & Tobias Thomas.

perlen deutschsprachiger popmusik: my very own Pearls of German Pop. This name is stolen from Franz Dobler’s great samplers of German music. Expect Nina Hagen, Joint Venture & Deutsch Amerikanische FreundschaftThomas.

daft punk: stuff connected to, reminiscent of and honoring this mad duo. Expect Cerrone, Mr. Oizo & Crash Course in Science.

hamburg: one playful assortment dedicated to one darling city. Expect ClickClickDecker, Tocotronic & Deichkind.

play this at my funeral: the wistful result of several people thinking of the far future. Expect Sia, Simple Minds & Gary Jules.

judenluemmel: music for a buddy in Hamburg. Expect Welle:Erdball, Anne Clark & 808 State.

polish: Chopin has been in the grave for ages. Expect Myslovitz, Pidżama Porno & Jacek Sienkiewicz.

French house: this does manage to grab you by the balls occasionally. Expect Cassius, Dimitri from Paris & Alex Gopher.

hometrip: a chilling tag for some very special friends and me, perfect for our gatherings. Expect Clara Moto, Matias Aguayo & Kabale und Liebe.

martina: a collection for a very good friend here in Zurich. Expect Xavier Naidoo, Rosenstolz & Herbert Grönemeyer.

The following tags belong to the cool hase76 - he can tell you more about them.

In heiner blum, expect Rhythm & Sound, Oval & Dani Siciliano.
In deep and dark , expect Sleeparchive, Fad Gadget & Von Spar.
In d a l, expect Kenny Larkin, Gas & Bern.
In danz till eternity, expect Arpanet, ADA & Keinzweiter.
In deep shit ton the bottom, expect Deltron 3030, Gnarls Barkley & Abe Duque.


  • n8kowald

    Love it :) I have always wondered about your exact definition for these tags of yours: - maschinenmusik - vicious disco now I have the answers. Excellent!

    1. Apr. 2007, 10:47
  • osch

    Good job :)

    3. Apr. 2007, 8:45
  • SonicSoul

    Thanks for publishing this. A tag encyclopedia is actually missing on Last.fm. Could be fun to spread in your groups. SonicSoul ~ Pecheur

    3. Apr. 2007, 9:56
  • farangstar

    thanks, darlings. :)

    3. Apr. 2007, 16:51
  • XNet

    I would be interested what the tag means for most of the users.

    20. Apr. 2007, 13:05
  • GONZIlla

    [img]http://www.psicodeportes.com/IMAGES/Gifs/aplausos.gif[/img] :) DANKE! really instructive! :)

    29. Apr. 2007, 23:02
  • Ubox

    Hello! Nice idea but was it you who connected the artists with the genres and styles? Because this just sounds funny: techno . Expect The Prodigy, Underworld & Paul van Dyk. I don't really know how you mean expect. But the prodigy has never played techno. Their style is almost impossible to define but are definetly not techno. Underworld is tricky. Their most well-known track is Born Slippy .NUXX(my love <3 ) and the original Born Slippy is quite techno-like. But if you listen to other songs like Underneath the Radar or 8 Ball they are nowhere near the techno genre. Paul Van Dyk is the one of the best trance Djs in the world. As a prominent trance Dj calling his style techno is one of the biggest sins I could imagine. If these faults were intentional or wanted to show wrong tagging habits then I made an ass out of myself instead of learning for my exams...yukky :D Cheers...

    19. Jun. 2007, 11:26
  • farangstar

    Hmmm. Since this is my encyclopedia, these are my associations. I checked which artists I tagged several times wth a specific term and gave examples of artists one can expect when clicking on my personal tags. I don't think wrong tagging exists in the world of last.fm If someone feels the need to tag Lindsay Lohan as nu deathmetalcore, so be it. I'm glad you gave me the reason to explain my mode of working here. :)

    19. Jun. 2007, 12:30
  • Ubox

    Difference of opinion, I think genre and style tags should not reflect the tagger's personal opinion for many music styles are quite distinctove and should be tagged correctly. For expressing opinions by tags use the ones like very cool I love it and stuff. Of course it is different when it comes to mixed styled or barely definiable music. Don'T misunderstand me, what you're doing is fine by me, that was just my two cents.

    19. Jun. 2007, 16:25
  • farangstar

    I perfectly understand where you are coming from, but I still think that you're misreading it. Most of the people I'm connected with here don't take this too seriously. And I do think I am allowed to tag an artist as something that feels highly individual and - at the same time - is generally true or real (although I tend to stagger with these terms on a day-to-day basis). I am not in favour of rules within this site - rules that you seem to need or want but are in fact not what makes last.fmm --- it's the members and joiners and funners and artists that make it. :))

    22. Jun. 2007, 19:59
  • audiossey

    nice nice

    26. Aug. 2007, 19:24
  • larryfilou

    @ farangster: Top, aber ich will ja nicht die Worte anderer wiederholen, drum: Zauberhaft! ;) Darf ich's kopieren? @ Ubox: My 2 cents is: I think Born slippy is quite Techno and I'd say it is Underworlds identifying song. 8 Ball and Under the radar in my eyes never were close to the success of Born slippy. So my association with them is Techno, too. And though I DO agree with you on Paul van Dyk, I'd say that splitting up EVERYTHING into ALL categories will drive you crazy. And if you only listen to trance in technosettings since you like the mix of beats and rhythms, well name it after a preference! Cause, finally we're not here for an exam to reach our doctor's degree in music... ;) But, nice to know there are some orderly people ready to pick up the fight for correct tagging. It's so neat. I feel as if Monica Geller has become real! :)

    27. Aug. 2007, 19:21
  • farangstar

    larry --- aber bitte. das wäre ein e ehre. eigentlich sollte jeder nutzer so etwas anbieten. :)

    28. Aug. 2007, 15:05
  • emergingsynergy

    Very amusing exercise. The reactions were part of the fun. But your work was fine, very fine. Thanks!

    9. Okt. 2007, 2:59
  • farangstar

    in virtual life life, nothing beats reaction. :))

    12. Okt. 2007, 11:34
  • exitplanetdust

    [quote]It's so neat. I feel as if Monica Geller has become real! :)[/quote] Monica Geller IS real O_O...

    23. Dez. 2007, 23:53
  • farangstar

    we all wish she were. next to her cute little brother. :)

    6. Jan. 2008, 21:06
  • tonausstrom

    Wow, grad hierdrüber gestolpert, sieht vielversprechend aus! Muß ich bei Gelegenheit mal ausführlich würdigen. Underworld ist allerdings m.E. kein Techno, sondern Pop, die Einstufung daher ein mittelschweres Verbrechen. :-p Aber viel gutes Zeug bei, keine Frage.

    26. Feb. 2008, 5:40
  • farangstar

    ich sage es nochmals: dies ist MEINE enzyklopaedie MEINER tags, nicht der globalen. das hoerst du, wenn du MEIN techno anklickst. :)

    26. Feb. 2008, 17:15
  • awrm

    what about the “andrzej” tag?

    1. Mär. 2008, 17:38
  • farangstar

    andrzej isa good friend of mine. the new tags will be added these days. :)

    2. Mär. 2008, 9:25
  • JensJensen

    Bruno Sanfilippo is no minimal !!!!!!!!!!!!! ôÒ

    15. Okt. 2008, 23:15
  • maz35

    Excellent list! I shall be linking to it at The Tag Appreciation society

    10. Nov. 2009, 17:13
  • farangstar

    thank you. :)

    17. Nov. 2009, 16:02
  • Kacknorris


    17. Nov. 2010, 22:43
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