Re-mixed, Re-mastered, Re-released


18. Apr. 2009, 19:24

Karma Pilot - A New Career
re-mixed | re-mastered | re-released

Back in 2006, Karma Pilot's debut album A New Career was received warmly by critics.

"a different soundtrack to hold in your head" -
"The more spins the better it gets" -
"for fans of David Bowie when he was out in Berlin with Brian Eno, Robert Fripperisms and general atmospheric music ... worth checking out" -

The album's mixture of modern , electronic interludes and songs about losing track of friends, playing guitar and the end of the world granted the album a small but devoted following. Later that year Daniel formed The Resonance Association with Dominic Hemy (The 3rd Fire) and Karma Pilot was grounded.

In summer 2008 Daniel Vincent remixed and remastered the entire album, inviting Simon Clarke (Goodbye Pluto) to play drums on The Last Place On Earth.

Now mrs.vee recordings are pleased to announce that the album is now available to download for free from

The download includes new cover photography by Lisa Vincent.


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