A great idea (4our5ive6ix Radio)


14. Okt. 2008, 6:38

I came across bamgrrl's Friend Radio journals today and was left completely inspired. I shall do the same! Here's the basic point: Listen to 10 songs on any of your friends' radio stations. You might find you've been missing out on something, or possibly reaffirm your dislike for something else. It's all good fun and extremely educational.

First up! 4our5ive6ix
We became friends when he added me about a month ago. I think it was because I've listened to his band's music (which is truly great, by the way).

Oooh! Fantastic! I've been listening to a lot of Joy Division in recent weeks, thanks to the film, Control. I'm not particularly familiar with this song. It's a live version, which I almost prefer live versions of Joy Division songs, with lots of synthy sounds that brings to mind Battlestar Galactica.

Very Ape
I've never been a huge Nirvana fan, so my knowledge on most of their music is limited, save the singles. And Born in a Junkyard. This is a lot punkier than I took Nirvana for. Cool. Short and sweet!

I greatly appreciate and admire Boards of Canada. Everything I've heard by them has made an impression on me in some way. I've never heard this song, or heard of it, actually. It's exactly what I expect Boards of Canada to be.

Dancing Choose
Holy balls, this is TV on the Radio?? I never would have guessed. I like this. A lot. I think this is better than most of the past TV on the Radio I've tried. You know, a friend of mine did recommend this album to me...

Ketchy Shuby
Mmmmmmmm reggae. I don't listen to much reggae on my own, but when it's on I thoroughly enjoy it. Relaxing. Makes me want to light some incense and dance in a robe. I'll have to check out more of this Peter Tosh. Never heard of him before.

The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver
Elbow! I love Elbow! But I'm such a bad fan; I haven't listened to this new(ish) album yet. I think I may have heard Grounds For Divorce once, but I wouldn't be able to hum it or anything for you. This is extremely good. I was a bit disappointed with Leaders of the Free World. This seems to be a harkening back to their Asleep in the Back days, which is absolutely fine by me!

No More War
More reggae! I like.

Setting Sun
Oh damn! This sounds great. I would actually be listening to this in my own library if I knew of it before. I'm sold. Will definitely check out more of The Aliens.

Being a big Radiohead fan, I'm surprised at myself for not venturing into Jonny's solo work. Now that I've heard a bit of it, eh. I could take it or leave it. I feel like the experimental soundscapes thing is overdone and has already been mastered.

I Know
Okay, I know Dry the Rain, and like that enough. This sounds just as good. If not a tad forgettable. I do like that it's instrumental(ish).

That was better than I expected! Every track was enjoyable. I discovered some great stuff I'd never heard of and finally got to hear some new stuff by artists I already love.

The bar has been set high with this playlist. I hope that's not unfortunate!


  • 4our5ive6ix

    thanks very much, and a great idea too!

    14. Okt. 2008, 13:29
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