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Jason MrazMake It Mine 30. Okt. 2012
OneRepublicMarchin On 30. Okt. 2012
P!nkU + Ur Hand 30. Okt. 2012
The ScriptIf You Ever Come Back 30. Okt. 2012
Maroon 5Payphone 30. Okt. 2012
윤아Innisfree Day (이니스프리 에코송) 16. Aug. 2012
f(x)Electric Shock 16. Aug. 2012
소녀시대힘들어하는 연인들을 위해 (Let's Talk About Love) 16. Aug. 2012
시크릿Magic 16. Aug. 2012
After School뱅(Bang)! 16. Aug. 2012
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Über mich

I'm just a girl who loves music. I believe that the modern world models itself and its trends after each movement in music history. Music shapes our lives whether we want it to or not, and it is part of our lives no matter what our circumstance. Deaf people can feel vibrations, so rythm is the music in their lives. I am here to have fun and check out new artists so I don't become old and stagnant in what I like as far as music goes. I'm 27 so hopefully the "old and set in my ways" does not yet apply :-).