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Über mich

I'm a girl with ROX heart! ♥
I'm pleased to meet you especially another Roxette fan! XD

I'm a Roxette addict and a Thai with a twist XD

R is for Remarkable
O is for Overwhelming
X is for XtRemE
E is for Exquisite
T is for Tasty
T is for Tough
E is for Enlightened


A-Z Roxette

A thing about you
Crash! Boom! Bang!
Dresses for Success
Entering your heart
Fading like a flower
Go to Sleep
How do you do?
It must have been love
Knockin' on every doors
Listen to your heart
Milk and toast and honey
Neverending Love
Opportunity Nox
Pearls of Passion
Queen of rain
Real Sugar
Spending my time
The Look
Un dia sin ti (Spending my time)
Wish I could fly
(do you get) eXcited? ^^;
You don't understand me
Zzz..Sleeping in my car
Just for fun ^^

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