Top 15


25. Nov. 2008, 9:13

1. AFI
First heard: Fall Children
Fell in love with: File 13
Current Favorite: Cereal Wars

2. Energy
First heard: Cyanide/Lost and Found demo.
Fell in love with: Their demo.
Current Favorite: Too hard to pick.

3. Propagandhi
First heard: Stick the Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass, You Sonofabitch
Fell in love with: Anti-Manifesto
Current Favorite: Rock For Sustainable Capitalism

4. Misfits
First heard: Halloween
Fell in love with: Last Caress
Current Favorite: Skulls

5. Jawbreaker
First heard: Fireman
Fell in love with: Fireman
Current Favorite: Sluttering (May 4th)

6. Sick of It All
First heard: Friends Like You
Fell in love with: My Life
Current Favorite: Good Lookin' Out

First heard: Beer Bong
Fell in love with: Franco Un-American
Current Favorite: The Decline

8. Bad Religion
First heard: The Defense
Fell in love with: American Jesus
Current Favorite: Suffer

9. Descendents
First heard: Good Good Things
Fell in love with: Myage
Current Favorite: Bikeage

10. Ceremony
First heard: Kersed
Fell in love with: This Is My War
Current Favorite: He - God - Has Favored Our Undertakings

11. American Nightmare
First heard: Sore Throat Syndrome
Fell in love with: Sore Throat Syndrome
Current Favorite: Protest Song #00

12. Against Me!
First heard: Mutiny On the Electronic Bay
Fell in love with: Mutiny On the Electronic Bay
Current Favorite: Mutiny On the Electronic Bay

13. Operation Ivy
First heard: Sound System
Fell in love with: Sound System
Current Favorite: Sound System

14. Some Girls
First heard: I Need Drugs
Fell in love with: Dead In a Web
Current Favorite: Beautiful Rune

15. Minor Threat
First heard: Stumped
Fell in love with: Straight Edge
Current Favorite: Straight Edge


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