Music to heal your soul


28. Mai. 2007, 17:33

Music does wonders for me. When I need to think, lighten a gloomy mood, keep the mind distracted or general entertainment to even changing the atmosphere and livelihood (BGM + partys/clubs, while driving, romantic moods). I'm sure everyone has their own use for their music and how much it affects them.

The general music trend of late though has a lot of emotional settings and lyrics, whether it be sad, angry or even emo. I guess its easier to relate to people then general happy music, kind of like how the media now prefers to broadcast drama/sad type news. There just isn't enough happy music! Look at Linkin Park, ridiculously popular but i don't believe they have a single happy type track. Dance/club etc are prolly the only genres that constantly put out happy ones.

Anyway, while looking through some lyrics I came across an old song, got the track and reminisced old times and actually felt pretty good and cheerful after hearing it. So to share the wealth and happiness heres a few tracks...

Wake Up Boo! by The Boo Radleys

Move Your Feet By Junior Senior


Anyone know how to embed a track and not a station?


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