• Abandoning

    7. Feb. 2008, 6:15

    This account, as it's failing to scrobble. It says the username and/or password is inaccurate, although I know this is false. You can find me at the username of sleeprace on here, as it still works for some reason.

    I've been using it to scrobble in my I'll erase the track count on that one and just start using it as my primary account.

  • "No Tomorrow" by Funker Vogt

    17. Okt. 2007, 8:43

    Sounds just like Rio. I'm not even kidding.

    The verse of No Tomorrow matches the chorus of Rio so much. It's great. I was like "wow, Funker Vogt sure are embracing the new wave. So much for the stompy shit."

    Haha. That's great.

    And it's almost two in the morning. This is about as intelligent as I get at this time. Anyone else notice this though? Seriously
  • Review of the show at the Gilman on August 31st...

    2. Sep. 2007, 21:28

    Fri 31 Aug – Ludicra, EMBERS, wormwood, Word Salad, Drain The Sky

    Alright, I've never written a proper show review, so this should be interesting. I went with my friend Jeff and his friend Vince. It was Vince's 17th birthday, and Jeff is only 16, so that was odd. I felt so old. Anyways, the show:

    First off was Drain The Sky, a group I'd never even heard of. They started playing literally a minute before we went in. We could hear them from the outside. Their music was in that niche that everyone calls "post-rock" but I fail to see the meaning of that. They put on a good show, and they surprised me more than once. The first song reminded me of Isis, but with three vocalists (each member of the band sang at times). The second song started out about the same, but after about a minute it went into a grinding hardcore punk sound. While that's not usually my kind of music, it was nice that they kept things a bit less predictable than many bands like that do.

    The second band was Embers. Although they were slightly delayed due to an issue with their gear (the keyboard had a button stuck and it was scrolling through random effects because of it), their set was quite impressive. I couldn't even put a genre or similarity onto it, but they had keyboards and violin in a metal band, and the vocal tradeoffs between male and female (both harsh, nothing clean) made for an incredible set. I bought a shirt and a CD. I had to. It was that good.

    Next up was Wormwood, who I unfortunately didn't see much of. I received a phone call from a friend who was involved in an accident and I needed to tend to that. I came in for the last song and a half of theirs, though, and I really enjoyed it. It had a very primal, tribal feeling. Very heavy, and no guitars. That was great. They had two bassists instead. I really appreciated their music from what I heard. I bought the album and a shirt with these folks, too...which made me too broke to buy anything else.

    Next was Word Salad. They were very high energy, and due to the brevity of their songs, they played about twice as many songs as any of the other bands (in the same amount of time). While I was entirely unfamiliar with their music beforehand, I had fun with them. Their sense of humor was great. They introduced a number of songs by saying things like "this next song is about the current political climate...okay, actually it's about beer" or "this next song isn't about beer, but I wish it was." They were definitely having fun. Good times.

    Finally was Ludicra, the only band that I was familiar with before the show. I was at the very front and I got fucking slammed against the stage. It was great. Right before Ludicra started playing, I noticed Nathan from Graves at Sea was standing to my left. Some guy handed him a pill and he took it. It was interesting. As soon as they started playing he went nuts and his dreadlocks scratched the hell out of my arms, but no matter. It was amazing. If you don't know Ludicra's music, I don't even know how to describe it other than mindblowing. I started just to the left of the middle of the stage and ended up far right...that's how intense the crowd was. It was so fun. Plus, Ross Sewage (the bassist) kept headbanging so low his head hit mine. Eventually he just leaned on my head. It hurt a bit but it was well worth it.

    Anyone who was there will agree with me--not a bad band on the bill, despite the great differences in musical style.
  • Looking for some good dark, ethereal music.

    10. Jul. 2007, 7:54

    I'm making a mix CD. I'm looking for some good dark electronic or ambient music. Really anything will work so long as it's dark and there aren't vocals.

    So far I've got four tracks for my disc, and while they are all very different sonically, they are still unified in being dark and lacking vocals.

    1. Procession of the Dead Clowns
    2. Carnage Visors: The Soundtrack
    3. Remote View
    4. Darling Didn't We Kill You?

    Let me know if you can think of anything like these [or different but still good] and make a recommendation. I'm trying not to have this end up as a CD of entirely Blut aus Nord and Ulver's more ambient works away.
  • Scrobbling/tagging/song title error?

    22. Jun. 2007, 8:05

    I received an error that said: Some tracks you submitted have not been added to your profile for the following reason:
    The track you submitted appears to be badly tagged - please check the file's tags.

    Nothing I've listened to this evening has been inaccurately tagged. Any ideas on what just happened?
  • Send more recommendations!

    4. Apr. 2007, 6:16

    I love when people get me into new music. I'm not going to pretend to know everything. That's what you're for. Right?

    This morning I was recommended a wonderful group by the name of Goatmoon, and enjoyed them thoroughly. While I was vaguely familiar with them before (as in I'd heard a song or two at Randall's house), it was a great experience to hear something new and different.

    Black metal and grind are appreciated especially! Make me a happy man, please.