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Über mich

Expatriate who prefers music that is energetic, emotive, bright, beautiful and dynamic to the quirky, lyrical, lo-fi or angsty. As to genres, most of the music I like could be described as indie rock with elements of post-rock, emo and/or cute electronica, which my tag cloud reflects, although in a more nuanced form. For some insight into how my taste has evolved over the past few years, listen to my recent discoveries or visit my rather unkempt former profile. And if you find something missing from my chart, feel free to send me a recommendation.

I go to more and more concerts, the most memorable of which I review comprehensively in my journal. Recently, I became an event moderator, which involves correcting bad data and generally improving the quality of the event calendar, aside from adding events.

By the way, try my Greasemonkey script that displays lyrics on track pages.


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