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  • Ryncol

    I like to go full stealth in stealth games, but I always fuck things up and end up Rambo style. I just get sucha sense of accomplishment when I do something ninja style. Well, you have Alan Wake on PC too. I'm ~5h in the game and so far and I'm liking it. Setting and idea are really cool, but gameplay can get repetitive. Basically you get surrounded by enemies, you aim flashlight at them and shoot them with a gun, rinse and repeat. And it's not really a horror game, only scary thing are the controls :) I used play Silent Hill when I was 14, now that shit was scary as hell. Not because of cheesy jump scares, but cuz of eerie atmosphere. I see Kojima is working on next Silent Hill game, it even features Norman Reedus, he's total badass. Well I do find Finnish cool. It sounds similar to Hungarian, and Hungarian just sounds so hilarious. In my part of country there's a lot of Hungarians so you can hear it somewhat often.

    16. Aug., 14:23 Antworten
  • Ryncol

    Well, I got to those kids in the cages and got killed, and quit. So I dont really know what's going on in the game. I wanted to go full ninja and every time they saw me I let them kill me, and by the time I got to those cages I died like 5-6 times. Yeah, I know it's a Finnish game, from creators of Max Payne. It seems really cool. I never actually played a horror game, this might be the first one I'll finish. Heh, this commercial is so random, it reminds me of those Old Spice commercials few years ago. Also Finnish sounds so damn cool :P

    14. Aug., 16:00 Antworten
  • Ryncol

    Well isn't Phantom Pain supposed to be out in early 2015? I'm pretty sure it is set for 2015. Have you played Ground Zeroes? I tried it a bit, but I just suck at stealth when I play it on console. I just... can't. I dont know, I kind of want PS4 right now, but then again, there's not much to play on it. And I have like 30+ games on my X360 and more that I should play. Now I have a plan to go alphabetically through my games, so I started playing Alan Wake today :)

    14. Aug., 14:57 Antworten
  • Ryncol

    Hey, I have 60 euros on my account too :P TLoU makes me wanna regret I bought X360 instead of PS3. I watched almost whole game on youtube (good thing I forgot most of it, tho), it looks amazing. I totally have a crush on Troy Baker's voice. No homo. I might have enough money for PS4 in early-mid 2015 and really looking forward to play TLoU Remaster in all of its 1080p 60fps glory :) But even then, PS4 will have only few truly next gen games, so I'm not sure if that's a good time to buy it anyway. Btw, MGS V is coming out on PC, I wish I could run it, my PC is shit. I can't play stealth games on gamepad :/

    14. Aug., 14:33 Antworten
  • MirrorDepth

    "but my native language isnt english" Neither is mine, so eh, it's not that I'd recognize his voice even if I had heard him in that animated movie as a kid anyway. Blab away, I like to read stuff other people send me but don't have much to say, myself.

    9. Aug., 19:23 Antworten
  • Ryncol

    Well, here if you wan't to study something computer related, you must be master of math. Damn, Japan, is she going there with school or to live there? I love Japan but I don't know if I could live there. It's so fucking crowded. But then again, I don't think I could live anywhere but here, even tho Serbia suck dick. I don't need to be super rich, all I need to have enough money for a top notch gaming equipment :P

    9. Aug., 19:14 Antworten
  • Ryncol

    I never put an effort for math (well, that can be said for most of subjects) , I was just not getting it and I was too lazy to try to understand it. But I wanted to study something about computers, and for that you must me math genius... I could never understand how people can work and study, I'm so messed up and disorganized I think if I had a job I probably couldnt pass one exam :P Yeah, life is a lottery. Life threats me well so far, but I still find time to whine and be like WHY CAN'T I HAVE MONSTER PC WITH TWO GEFORCE TITANS SO I CAN PLAY GAMES IN 120FPS ON A 120HZ MONITOR!!11?? I'm pretty sure that if I had all that, I'd still be complaining about something else. I'd probably be like I have too much money xD

    9. Aug., 16:51 Antworten
  • MirrorDepth

    I have never seen Lion King sequel, actually. Well, at least Hayter has Watchmen to be proud of.

    9. Aug., 16:38 Antworten
  • Ryncol

    Yeah, we had harder versions of subjects too. It felt like playing a game again but on higher difficulty and with all DLCs :) I sucked hard at math, physics and chemistry in high school. Like I had 2 (lowest passable grade) in math and psychics, and 3, sometimes 4 in chemistry. Maybe if I started watching Breaking Bad back in 2008 I'd be better in chemistry, lol. Math just doesnt make goddamn sense, I used to be good at it but then they decided to use letters :P You're going to college next year, right? I had no idea what to study like week or so before that exam to get into college. But it turns out it wasnt such a bad decision, apart from the fact that I'll probably never get a job, lol.

    9. Aug., 15:31 Antworten
  • Ryncol

    *24 holy shit I got to that point in my life when I lie about my age :/

    9. Aug., 14:52 Antworten
  • Ryncol

    Here winter break is like 3 weeks, or at least it used to be when I was in hs, in college is different. I'm generally pretty unproductive person, but on break I'm like in a god mode when it comes to unproductivity, I basically dont do jack diddly shit. School kind of makes my life more dynamic, while when I'm on holiday I'm just basement dwelling. Yeah, I went to gymnasium too. Basically 4 years of learning stuff you already learned in elementary school :) I had decent grades, our grades go from 1 to 5, I had mostly 4 with some 5s and 3s. I barely studied anyway. Funny how now I think how high was easy. It's easy to think that when you're 23 :P

    9. Aug., 14:52 Antworten
  • Ryncol

    Ah, school. I'm at the end of my college and soon I'll have to get a job, man I miss high school. Just chillin and doing nothing. How come you school starts in the middle of summer? We have a summer break from end of June till 1st of September.

    9. Aug., 14:27 Antworten
  • Ryncol

    Well then, you're out of options. Maybe to create a AI or a cyborg that looks like him :P Yeah, they often use that smokey eye makeup, and to me, that makeup makes a woman like 100000 times hotter.

    9. Aug., 9:22 Antworten
  • kwonniie

    I think there isn't a perfect pace to live, except in our idealizations. But ofc if our countries give us the opportunity we need, safety and good quality of life, would be great.

    9. Aug., 1:58 Antworten
  • Ryncol

    Well then, I think cloning is better option. Just need to get some Dna samples :P Arabic girls are really pretty too. As long as they're not in ninja robes :) Like they usually have really beautifull eyes.

    9. Aug., 1:41 Antworten
  • kwonniie

    i know ~ when you finish school

    9. Aug., 1:30 Antworten
  • Ryncol

    Build a time maxhine then! I'll borrow you flux capacitor ;) Racism is a crime, and crime is for black people :3 I was watching some tv commercial or whateveer that was with like buncha half black/white kids, I was just hilariois and weird. Yeah, like I dont think ppl be hating muslims cause they are brown, but rather cause of religiious nuts, and of course satanization by US media.

    9. Aug., 1:15 Antworten
  • kwonniie

    Do you think getting out of finland to seek a job?

    9. Aug., 1:13 Antworten
  • Ryncol

    I was reading how Swedes are crazy about diversity and shit, promoting race mixing and stuff, you reap what you sow I guess. I though in few decades only white ppl there will be Polish plumers :D

    9. Aug., 0:58 Antworten
  • kwonniie

    I don't spend much money on beauty products, I'm pretty sloppy about it lol the religions imprison people and somehow tell us what is right and what is wrong. but they just forget to ask what is right and wrong for the ppl

    9. Aug., 0:53 Antworten
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