• 25th January

    25. Jan. 2006, 20:51

    Yes, thats right.

    Today is the 25th of January. Suprisingly itll be the last 25th of January 2006 you will ever see.... Which i find abit crazy.

    Anyway, whats so special about today?

    1882: Virginia Woolf, English novelist - Thats right, on the 25th of January 1882 Virginia Woolf was borne. Suprisingly our union building here at the University of Kent was named after the novelist.


    1917: The United States buy the Virgin islands for 25 million dollars - Thats again right. On the 25th of January 1917 the US decided to spend a whopping 25million dollars.

    Well thats about it...

    Enjoy, and keep peace.....

  • Journal Smurnal

    13. Sep. 2005, 20:38

    Well, its quite random. I never knew this thing existed, that is until i visited one of my neighbours pages (gjenius1820 infact). So, guess i might as well make some use of it, althou i reacon 0 people bar me will read about this stuff but hey, thats what epicarena is for i guess.... btw, heh,

    So, anyway, im posting here, buttttttttttttt,

    If anyone is nice like me, give me some more bands to listen to.... IM GOING MADDDDDDDDDD... NEED new music.... please

    Ha... laters KIDDYS