The Ultimate Music Discovery - Facebook/ GOTH + DARKWAVE + HORROR ROCK


26. Sep. 2011, 3:11

The Ultimate Music Discovery - Facebook/

Are you on facebook?

Sign in and then click on the following links to join me and the facebook music group in the Ultimate Music Discovery:

JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP HERE:!/groups/musicaldiscovery/ (this is the facebook sister group to the group... Epi_gee's ULTIMATE MUSIC DISCOVERY - Weekly themes/Genres - Join In ! )

OR THE LAST.FM GROUP HERE: .. 2+ years and going strong.

-Hundreds of threads and songs posted weekly ! Nearly 1000 members already signed on.

use, your personal music collection, downloads, youtube, local music shops or pandora.. it really doesn't matter, but you are encouraged to listen to each genre or theme of music every week for at least an hour. Some may choose to listen for a day, others for the entire week. It's a great way to expand your musical horizons, and gain appreciation for World culture and history. Come join us ! (this is me.. add me)

see you there. :)



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