• Graveworm - Fragments of Death Review

    29. Aug. 2011, 16:04

    Graveworm, the dark Italian band that always captivate us with
    their powerful guitars and their characteristic fierce sound enters
    the studio again to release a new album: "Fragments of Death".
    The title of this new record is already warning us; we're going to find
    death, fierceness, power, everything we always expect from them but in
    a higher level this time.

    The album starts with "Insomnia", we can consider it an introduction
    of what's yet to come, fast vocals, and amazing guitar along with
    some remarkable drums that brings us a non-stop rythm, and this is only
    the beginning of the journey!
    "Only Death In Our Wake" begins with Stefan saying
    "Let's go, come on" growling, the guitars are more rhythmic this time,
    slower in some parts, we can appreciate a slow choir and some symphonic
    arrangements in the chorus as well, different from the 1st track for sure, but not worse.
    A song that truly represents what Graveworm is all about.

    The journey continues with "Absence Of Faith", it begins with a
    great growling that fades away as the guitars take part and a beautiful
    keyboard accompanies Stefan all the way through it. The great fact about
    this song is the up-tempo feeling we get during the song, some parts are harsh
    and some other parts are beautiful, with the drums leading it all the way.
    When we expect it to end with that feeling, Stefan slays it again but not
    forgetting those great keys. Indeed an amazing song.

    If the 2nd and 3rd track were less heavier than the 1st one,
    here it comes "Living Nightmare" a song with a cool melodic background
    that accompanies the vocals and the mesmerizing guitars. There's
    no remarkable aspect in this song, just a good song with the old school
    graveworm sound, symphonic elements all the way in the chorus.
    What we really can say of this one is that the drums really
    stand out. During the listening of the whole album we can notice it.
    Martin is doing an amazing job.

    "The World Will Die In Flames" is the next song, it begins: "The world...
    the world... the world will die in flames", the song has a slow beautiful
    rythm at first with those characteristic keys while it grows in you.
    This song is definetely a grower, orchestral arrangements, powerful guitars,
    cool keyboards, we just have to close our eyes and chill out to understand
    what the song is really saying to us. I will tag it as "The Beauty
    and the Beast" on this album because of its harshness and beautiful
    passages we find on it.

    "Anxiety" is my favorite one, the mixture between Stefan growls and
    the beautiful female voice outstands all the way. Both voices suit
    the music perfectly, like a bittersweet feeling that enters your mind.
    A really cool up-tempo ballad with a catchy tune that is going to be
    on repeat for quite a long time.

    After the pleasant previous track, now we are facing "See No Future",
    a different track where we see that Graveworm indeed is such
    a versatile band that can go from a sweet ballad to a fierce and powerful dark song.
    I'd consider it the more powerful track on the album; with those
    "No future, no future" Stefan is warning us that the world is done,
    we can see no future ahead, and he's really trying to show that feeling.
    A dark and sad song that leads us to an AMAZING instrumental,
    "The Prophecy". I was really surprised to find this fine piece of music.
    When we are already at this point of the journey, this song just
    gives us that bittersweet and also sad taste we have been talking about
    all the time. But as we're saying, we must not forget that after
    the storm always comes the calm, but after that calm begins again...

    "Remembrance" contains all the elements we've been talking before,
    just a plain song with a cool bridge that really gets into us; just
    like that "Old Forgotten Song" continues, this time with a really
    powerful and catchy rythm but without any symphonic elements. At
    this point, the listener is missing some of that for sure, any of
    those orchestral arrangements would have suit this song so much better.

    The end of this pleasant travel ends up with "Where Angels Do Not Fly",
    another song with the style of the previous ones, just with some
    symphonic parts. I was hoping it to be a calm song, more
    peaceful as the name of the track indicates, but I was wrong,
    the guys decided to close the courtain with all their power and
    harshness again.

    Overall, the album is quite solid, it doesn't have a lack of power
    nor vocals + the drums are at its best in each song, adding that to
    the few symphonic and orchestral arrangements that are divided in
    some songs... I give this album an 8 out o 10. Though as I said in
    the review, this album is really a grower, with every listening
    it will become better and better to the listener.