Bombed on the Radio


3. Nov. 2008, 8:15

Sun 2 Nov – TV on the Radio, The Dirtbombs

The opener, The Dirtbombs, rocked hard. I had never heard them before, and during the intermission between them and TVOTR, I picked up their double CD album, If You Don't Already Have A Look. Great to see such a unique line-up: two drummers, and two bass players, with Mick Collins doing lead vocals and lead guitar.

TV on the Radio delivered with a great set: Wolf Like Me, Dirtywhirl, Halfway Home, Dancing Choose, DLZ, Love Dog, Golden Age, Shout Me Out, A Method, and Let The Devil In. The Dirtbombs came out on stage to join TVOTR for A Method.

Awesome show. I can't wait to see TVOTR or The Dirtbombs roll through Denver in the future.


  • BringYourChair

    we had missed the dirtbombs but it is good to hear that kind of band opened I'm sure they left more of a ringing sound than TV on the Radio's set... Love Dog was probably the highlight, I saw em at monolith, they played another song there I was praying to hear at this show... "Crying"... they didn't, unfortunately, but their selection was great agree?

    6. Nov. 2008, 2:48
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