20. Jun. 2006, 3:00

Note: I totally stole this idea from drive_in, but I'm sure she stole it from somewhere too, so she'll forgive me.
Post your 10 favourite artists, the first song you heard by them, the one that made you fall in love with them and your current favourite.

1) Third Eye Blind
First song: Blinded
Fell in love with: Palm Reader
Current Favourite: London

2) Tegan and Sara
First song:Walking With a Ghost
Fell in love with: I Know I Know I Know
Current Favourite: This Is Everything

3) Bloc Party
First song: Banquet
Fell in love with: This Modern Love
Current Favourite: Two More Years

4) New Pornographers
First song: Twin Cinema
Fell in love with: Sing Me Spanish Techno
Current Favourite: Jessica Numbers

5) Maximo Park
First Song: Apply Some Pressure
Fell in love with:I Want You To Stay
Current Favourite:Going Missing

6) Red Hot Chili Peppers
First song: Parallel Universe
Fell in love with: Dosed
Current Favourite: Strip My Mind

7) Beatles
First song: Help
Fell in love with: I Want You
Current Favourite: Eleanor Rigby

8) Death Cab for Cutie
First Song: Title and Registration
Fell in love with: Photobooth
Current Favourite: Brothers on a Hotel Bed

9) Hot Hot Heat
First Song: Talk To Me Dance With Me
Fell in love with: Naked in the City Again
Current Favourite: Shame on You

10) Crosstide
First song: Opposite Day
Fell in love with: (You Should) Sleep
Current Favourite: Empathy


  • drive_in

    i knew you would do this quiz! i definitely stole it from some random. i love it. yours is all fancy with hyperlinks!

    20. Jun. 2006, 13:21
  • emutree

    Yeah the hyperlinks makes it a bit hard to read actually, I wish it didn't say the artist for all of the song ones. But I love going to the song pages and seeing the % of fans who have listened to that tune.

    20. Jun. 2006, 23:14
  • drive_in

    you're cute.

    21. Jun. 2006, 4:17
  • stevefromdodge

    We seem to share the same taste in Crosstide songs LOL Wait 'till you hear Be the Sun.... Steve

    27. Jul. 2006, 23:49
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