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I'm a sophomore at Ohio University studying Media Studies and African International Studies. I love it so much. I am a cast member of BLACK SHEEP INC., Ohio University's Improv Comedy Troupe. I am also a member of Women's Chorale. I am also a member of The Empower Campaign. I am going to Uganda this summer through the Journalism school for Media, Governance, and Diversity. I will be working on a documentary with 14 of my peers, working with NGOs, taking classes, attending lectures, and so much more. In the future, I hope to improve Western media's representation of the African continent.

My best friends in the entire world are Amelia Conte and Carey Kramer. They have made me laugh so much since the day I met them. I have total trust in them and I can't thank them enough for that. I also have the most incredible boyfriend. I adore him. I consider myself very lucky.