A Silver Mt. ZionFor Wanda Lieblingslied 1
A Silver Mt. ZionRing Them Bells (Freedom Has Come and Gone) Lieblingslied 1
A Thousand FallsSecret World Lieblingslied 1
Abbey LincolnStraight Ahead Lieblingslied 1
Alice in ChainsPrivate Hell Lieblingslied 1
AmiinaUgla Lieblingslied 4
Animal KingdomChalk Stars Lieblingslied 46
Anna von HausswolffThe Book Lieblingslied 2
AntiqcoolAll These Things Lieblingslied 3
Au Revoir SimoneNight Majestic Lieblingslied 2
Au Revoir SimoneShadows Lieblingslied 2
Band of HorsesThe Funeral Lieblingslied 210
Band of HorsesDetlef Schrempf Lieblingslied 18
Band of HorsesFactory Lieblingslied 1
Beach HouseZebra Lieblingslied 1
BeirutPostcards From Italy Lieblingslied 14
Belle and SebastianPiazza, New York Catcher Lieblingslied 6
Big BloodSick With Information Lieblingslied 1
Bill CallahanThe Breeze/My Baby Cries Lieblingslied 2
Billie HolidayStrange Fruit Lieblingslied 3
Billie HolidayGloomy Sunday Lieblingslied 1
Black LipsBad Kids Lieblingslied 12
Black Ox OrkestarNign Lieblingslied 4
Black Ox OrkestarAz Vey Dem Tatn Lieblingslied 1
Blonde RedheadBean Lieblingslied 2
Blossom DearieSomeone to Watch Over Me Lieblingslied 1
Blossom DearieI Won't Dance Lieblingslied 1
BMX BanditsSerious Drugs Lieblingslied 1
Bon IverBlindsided Lieblingslied 1
Bon IverCreature Fear Lieblingslied 3
Bruce SpringsteenJohnny 99 Lieblingslied 1
Built to SpillFling Lieblingslied 2
Built to SpillGone Lieblingslied 4
Carla BozulichBaby, That's the Creeps Lieblingslied 1
Casiotone for the Painfully AloneDon't They Have Payphones Wher Lieblingslied 0
CastanetsDancing With Someone (Privilege of Everything) Lieblingslied 1
CastanetsSway Lieblingslied 2
Clint MansellLux Aeterna Lieblingslied 9
Club 8My pessimistic heart Lieblingslied 1
Cœur de PirateTango Pour Un Infidele Lieblingslied 0
Creedence Clearwater RevivalUp Around The Bend Lieblingslied 3
Crippled Black PhoenixWhissendine Lieblingslied 4
Damien JuradoCloudy Shoes Lieblingslied 1
Dave AlvinBorder Radio Lieblingslied 1
DelaysJet Lag Lieblingslied 1
DestroyerThe Very Modern Dance Lieblingslied 1
Dinah WashingtonCry Me a River Lieblingslied 1
Dinah WashingtonWhat a Difference a Day Makes Lieblingslied 4
Dirty ThreeSea Above, Sky Below Lieblingslied 1
Dorothy DandridgeWhen Your Lover Has Gone Lieblingslied 3