Edgar Gonzalez Jr., 25, Männlich, Vereinigte Staaten
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31159 gespielte Titel seit 22. Mai. 2006

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Kürzlich angehörte Titel

Björn Skifs/BlåblusHooked On A Feeling 3. Aug., 21:42
The Theme Tune KidsGuardians of the Galaxy Ringtone 3. Aug., 21:38
Meghan TrainorAll About That Bass 26. Jul., 19:51
Paloma FaithUpside Down 26. Jul., 19:47
LadyPussy 25. Jul., 19:23
LadyYankin 25. Jul., 19:20
LadyTwerk 25. Jul., 19:18
LadyPussy 25. Jul., 19:15
LadyGarbage Ass 25. Jul., 19:13
Meghan TrainorAll About That Bass 25. Jul., 19:08
MatisyahuKing Without a Crown 20. Jul., 17:39
MAGIC!Rude 20. Jul., 17:33
MAGIC!No Evil 18. Jul., 16:41
MAGIC!Rude 18. Jul., 16:37
MAGIC!Don't Kill the Magic 18. Jul., 16:32
MAGIC!Rude 18. Jul., 16:28
MAGIC!Rude (Acoustic) 18. Jul., 16:24
"Weird Al" YankovicWord Crimes 17. Jul., 0:33
"Weird Al" YankovicHandy 17. Jul., 0:29
BeyoncéRadio - Live 14. Jul., 18:50
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Über mich

Edgar Jr., a Navy brat turned singer-songwriter, mixes up resplendent rhythmic goodness topped off by lyrics so charming that you won’t mind that they’re virtually handcrafted to be stuck in your head. A top-played artist on Orlando’s favorite radio station for new music, 91.5 WPRK, Edgar Jr. has also been spotted as a featured artist in the pages of the Orlando Weekly and singing in his bathroom in a video on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. No stranger to live shows, Edgar has toured the East coast, jamming with Amanda Palmer’s Brigade at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale in 2009 and sharing the stage with Less Than Jake at the 2010 Greenwaves Music Festival.

Edgar Jr. recently finished his first studio album, “Rise”, which is set to be released on November 1st, 2011. The first single “One Day” is now available on iTunes.

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