Titel (10)
Titel Album Dauer Mal gespielt
I Keep My Eyes On The Ground, Afraid Of Meeting Someone I know Lieblingslied 4:26 18
Le gilet fraternel Lieblingslied 5:30 12
I got worried... I was so freaking scared of that window, you know Lieblingslied 7:03 12
Twenty-Six and Full of Plans Lieblingslied 17:16 9
We are driving through darkness Lieblingslied 6:35 9
Empty Lieblingslied 3:44 9
Blue lights and sunshine Lieblingslied 9:06 6
They Try To Cheer Me Up By Saying I Did Once Live a Functioning Life Lieblingslied 11:12 6
A Japanese Flag Lieblingslied 7:50 4
I Got Worried...I Was So Freaking Scared of That Window, You Know Lieblingslied 7:05 3